10 Facts About App Store Optimization

ASO 2019 Guide, Unility or BuildBox or just a normal developer.

  1. Include keywords in your app title. If you need to keep your branded name try this formula “Brand Name – keyword 1 + 2”.
  2. Target keywords that are relevant for your app, not just any high-volume or trending term.
  3. Long-tail keywords have the volume too. It’s easy to get hung up and focused on the single term keywords, but it’s extremely important to research long-tail keywords and craft your optimization in a way that maximizes the combinations you’ll rank for.
  4. Don’t duplicate keywords. Include keywords in your app’s title and subtitle, but don’t repeat keywords. If the term is in your title or subtitle, you don’t need to add it to your keywords, and vice versa. Get the most out of these indexable characters.
  5. Don’t stuff the subtitle. The subtitle is a great way to inject important keywords into your listing, but don’t forget how visible the subtitle is. Plan accordingly and focus on the conversion aspect also.
  6. Eliminate spaces in your keyword list: write,your,list,like,this,to,save,more,characters,for,keywords!
  7. Research your keywords on the Search Ads platform.
  8. Only 2-5% of users view your entire description in the App Store/Play Store
  9. Write your app description for the reader and not for the algorithm and include keywords in a natural tone of voice. Avoid keyword stuffing at all costs!
  10. Try using misspelt keywords to increase your search visibility.


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