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Electric Chainsaw QUICKLY how to put chain back on & More

Electric Chainsaw QUICKLY how to put chain back on

Electric Chainsaw QUICKLY how to put a chain back on & More Amazon offers a chainsaw if this doesn’t work!

here is a link!

– Electric Chainsaw

Here Step By Step Process of Electric Chainsaw to put a chain back.

  1. Remove Bolt
  2. Remove Cover
  3. Remove bolt holding bar
  4. Add Chain to bar
  5. Line bar up with 2 holes in front and chain links in the groves of gear. While holding a bar away from the chainsaw. Tighten bolt while the chain is tight in grooves.
  6. Put the cover on along with bolt to hold it on.
  7. Put Chain back on Electric Chainsaw

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Finding Right Repair Service Provider to Keep Your Smart Devices Working

Repair Service Provider

It is almost impossible to conceive life without the cell phone and smart devices like iPad because these are the devices that people use to carry out various tasks such as paying bills, texting, calling, ordering food, connecting to social media, watching movies and listening to music. In fact, you can literally do everything.

That means you have to keep your cell phone in the perfect order. Undoubtedly, there could be thousands of ways to keep your phone in perfect working order. A few of them could be things like getting a phone case, installing a screen cover or buying insurance for the iPad. But them at times, you might run into troubles where you need to find Ipad repair Chicago.

Undoubtedly, it could be a difficult task to spot the good repair shop because the market is way too cluttered for you to get the right service provider easily. Here are the things that you should do in order to find the perfect repair service provider.

Repair Service Provider
Image Source: Pcrepairaugustaga

Choosing the perfect repair shop:

Local, local and hyper-local: It is of utmost importance that you find a local repair shop because it would not be wise to drive 50 miles just to repair your phone. Therefore, It is important that you should find a company that is located in your area.

Experience is timeless: An experienced repair service provider would be in a better position to offer you the best service because over the period they might have gained timeless knowledge and experience to give you perfect service. Hence, make certain that you should verify their experience and track record by finding out some reviews or testimonials. Apparently, Yelp and Google reviews should be the ideal site that you should consider looking at.

Brand specialization: If you are looking for iPhone headphone jack repair, then you must try to find out a specialized brand phone repair shop because a branded service provider would have right kind of tools, expertise, and technicians to carry out the repair job. By choosing the brand specialized, you will ensure that the devices are at the right hands

Image Source: Drlaptop

Process: You should always find a service provider that acts with a sense of urgency because it could be difficult to carry out day-to-day tasks without your cell phone and smart devices. Hence, make sure that you look at their repair process to find out how quick they are in offering service.

Service fee: Service is yet another aspect that you must consider before giving them your smart device. All you have to do is to find out the cost of the service by probing rightly. That means you have to speak with them and find out how much it would cost to repair the battery and how much would it cost to repair the headphone. In fact, repairing of devices and accessories cost can vary.

The above-stated factors should help you in searching for the right repair shop for your cell phones and other smart devices.


5 Best Android Launcher to use in 2019

5 Best Android Launcher to use in 2019

The dominance of Android operating system on the other operating systems is mainly because of multiple and endless possibilities of system customization offered to all of the users. Android launchers are known to be the most customizable parts of this system. Even the systems are totally not operatable without a launcher.

The systems become unusable because it works including your home screen along with the catalog of all applications that are available on the smartphone. It provides a smooth work on the device and also allows customization the way users want.

There are a whole bunch of third-party launchers that replace the default launcher of any smartphone. Comparing to the default launchers of any android device, third-party launchers have way more options to materialize. Plenty of options are there that come to the users and they can use those options just the way they want.

One can easily turn their smartphone to an iPhone and they are not even paying for that. It is useful with a lot of options and one can experience variations with the operating system without spending a single penny on the process. Many Android App Development Company develops many launchers every year.

These launchers have become smarter and these are getting packed with some useful features in it from the past few years. However, the time, you are going to find out a launcher for your smartphone from the Play store, you will surely get stuck with a lot of launchers, which are available there.

Even most of them can seem to be not useful according to the needs you have. In order to make the experience much easier and help you find out the best launcher for your device, here is a list of some popular launchers that have been chosen by a maximum number of users.

  1. Nova launcher

This is one of the most demanding launchers in this android market. A large number of people prefer this launcher for their smartphone. It contains a smooth pitcher that lets you use this application for a really long time. Those who want to use a single launcher for years, they can choose this without any worry.

It works fast, efficiently and also its a light application that never occupies much space of the device. In order to change the look and feel, in the Play store, icon packs are available. It allows dock customizations, notification badges.

There is also an option that displays frequently used applications as a top line of the application drawer, folder, icon customizations, along with a dozen gestures and so on. Apart from these features, in this launcher, there is also support for application shortcuts and this can be found only in android nougat.

With this launcher, users get plenty of options to try in their device and this is the main reason people choose this launcher for their Android smartphone.

  1. Evie launcher

This is a launcher that has been designed for the best performance and known to be one of the fastest android launchers available in the android market. It has a universal search function and it allows users to search out the application from a certain place.

Even in this launcher, there is a wide range of home screen that helps to make shortcuts and customizations. In short, it helps you customizing the drawer of your applications and the folder grid. You can easily find and download this launcher from the Play store and enjoy the lightweight launcher’s speed and simplicity.

Though you are not supposed to get a lot of gestures in this application and this is a disadvantage of this application.

  1. Buzz launcher

This launcher is one of the best epitomes launchers of customization in Android operating system. The features of this application are known to be the Homepack buzz. It helps in personalizing the home screen service with over 700,000 downloaded and has been shared by more than thousands of its users.

It comes with an integrated application locking device along with a RAM cleaner and because of these, you do not have to install additional applications to complete the processes. However, there are many gestures available and with them, you are allowed to get access to a lot of shortcuts with just a simple swipe on the home screen of your device.

In this application, you get an additional feature that is called Screen effects and it is similar to the live wallpaper application. But, instead of changing the wallpaper, it overlays the wallpaper with effects of some animation. No one will ever feel bored or tired of hacking all of the customizations that are available on this application.

  1. Apex launcher

This launcher is visually stunning with thousands of themes and icon packs, which can be downloaded from the Play store. It is a lightweight launcher especially optimized to run on the smartphones and tablets. Users are allowed to 9 customizable home screens and hide the application in the application drawer.

It helps sorting applications within the application drawer that is generally based on the title, date of installation or can also depend on the frequency. If you purchase the pro version, then that will help to unlock more gesture options along with some powerful application drawer customizations and other features.

  1. Smart launcher 5

The previous version of the smart launcher was not that user-oriented. But, the new smart launcher 5 is a lightweight and fast processing android launcher. This application claims to use the AI in order to search for the applications, contacts, and other web contents.

The drawer of the application generally contains a sidebar that helps to divide the applications according to that category. On the time of installation process, it asks you for the default applications, which you are already using and also in this way, you will not be bothered with the pop-ups that can appear on the screen later.

This launcher has a smart stop feature that helps to turn off the screen on the time of switching on of the device. However, gestural support is present and it is limited. The time, you are purchasing the pro version of this launcher, you will get many gestures unlocked.

LIFE HACK Fixing a unchargeable Dewalt 20v battery


1 . Test the dead battery in a couple different battery chargers. Try same battery charger with alternative plug ins and try other batteries to make sure it’s not charger causing problems

2 . Grab a normal 12v car battery charger along with 2 metal rods that will fit in-between the grooves in the back of a 20v DeWalt battery.

3 . Proceed to Insert Positive, Red, on left side connected.

4 . Only insert Negative, Black, on Right side disconneted.

5 . Turning on the battery charger, Continue to connect the black (Negative side) With rod quickly but don’t have any body part touching metal or It may shock you! – Quickly let it arc a few times.

6 . Touching the black rod with battery charger, Will generate a shock charge to the battery giving it a jump start.

7 . Only Recommend to touch it a few times. You may always kick start it then test it on the charger then repeat it steps.

8 . After going through this procedure. Turn off battery charger. Remove rods. Test on a working Battery charger.

9 . Working! Watching the video may show more details on questions. Should be capable to hold a charge and get the job done you use your DeWalt battery for. The light on the back of the battery usually doesn’t turn on again.

10 . If this doesn’t work please follow our amazon link to a awesome deal offered from Amazon!

This is a 20 V DeWalt Battery.

– Battery 20v

Reveal Interesting Facts about Seedbox and Its Benefits

Facts about Seedbox and Its Benefits

Millions of people are using torrent sites to download new games, movies, software, and other digital content. People do not prefer to create an account for accessing such content because different torrent sites offer it for free. People do not realize that they risk their privacy when downloading digital content in this way.

Modern online platforms are using various tools and technologies to breach into your personal online life. They want to monitor all the P2P traffic they receive. It is also possible that some platforms may monitor everything you do online. It is a big issue and that’s why you need a 10GBPS Seedbox to deal with such threats.

What does a Seedbox do?

When you want to protect your privacy while downloading or uploading digital files, a Seedbox works to safeguard your online activities. It is essentially a remote server which is hosted on a high-bandwidth data center. The primary purpose of Seedbox is to make downloading and uploading of digital files safer.

It is not only used for protecting your online presence but also for offering better downloading and uploading speed. You can easily get 12 MB/s to 10GB/s speed by using this remote server. It would be possible for you to be anonymous while downloading digital files from the internet. Therefore, Seedbox is the best to be anonymous whenever you go online.

Key benefits of using a Seedbox:

A Seedbox offers the following benefits:

  • Better security
  • Faster downloading speed
  • Freedom of uploading and replacing content according to your needs
  • ISP limit
  • Provides a strong existence
  • You get an ability to select the high-quality file

All of these benefits make Seedbox a perfect choice for people who love to download torrent files and upload digital files online. You will never need VPN to protect your online activities when it comes to hiding your IP address. It will keep you anonymous and that’s the most important feature of a Seedbox.

important feature of a Seedbox
Image Source: Sergiosimka

Slow downloading or uploading speed can irritate anyone. There are countries where people spend hours only downloading a 1GB digital file. You will not experience such troubles when using a Seedbox. A 1Gbps Seedbox can provide much faster downloading and uploading speed than you experienced before.

Who should get a Seedbox?

There is no question about a Seedbox. Every internet user now knows how to download or upload a file on his PC and also on the smartphone. The recent few events taught people about how different platforms are thriving in their personal data.

Therefore, everyone who uses the internet should get a Seedbox to access the internet more safely. It will work to protect you against all sorts of threats.  You do not need to contact any specialized service provider in your town when you are willing to get a Seedbox.

You can get this service online. You can choose any package that suits your needs. You can check all the features and ensure you will get the facilities required to improve your internet experience. So, go for it because you need it just like any other internet user across the globe.

List of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites 2019

best free sport streaming sites 2019

Sports lovers prefer to stream sports live. However, the main hurdle that comes forth is the hectic and busy life we are bearing today. The fast competitive present life has made us so busy that we hardly find enough time to sit and watch our favorite sports. Though it is not possible to carry a TV everywhere, one can stream it live on different sites. These sites are easily accessible to smartphones and thus, one could easily stream sports via these sites and are free.

There are numerous options for sports streaming sites. In this article, we shall recommend you some of the best free sport streaming sites of 2019 :


    This is the official website of the popular cable TV channel ESPN and the easiest way to stream sports online. It is most loved in the US as it is free from the harassing advertisements. This site also has an official app for Android and iOS. It is free, time-saving and worth subscribing. You can stream videos, short clips, highlights, etc. of the matches related to almost all the major sports such as football, golf, basketball, cricket and a lot more.


    It is an older and perfect site which provides you the sports links so that you can watch the sports of your choice and preference. It is available in many languages and no registration required. Doubtlessly, it is the hassle-free online sport streaming sites without any charges.


    Despite being based in Australia this site uses English as the mode of interaction as it is the global language. You can stream a particular sport from the categories given on the homepage. One could easily stream live videos, short clips, full matches, highlights, and can easily get regular updates and notifications regarding various sports. Creating an account is free and the premium version is free of advertisements.

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    It is a well known free sports streaming site that provides you links to external sources. Thus, you can watch any sport of your choice as you are having multiple options. Yet, there are few pop-up ads also that may disturb you.


    This website is clean and simple. Navigation is easy as streaming is available on the homepage with multiple quality options and languages to select. There is a list of living as well as upcoming streams along with their country and time for sports like football, basketball, and cricket just by a click.


    It is an unrestricted worldwide popular site and uniquely designed and has an easy user interface. You can stream sports just with the selection of sports in the search bar.

With the increasing demand for the live streams and craze for sports, the online sites are also increasing. However, it depends on your choice and preference which is the perfect cup of coffee for you. These are some of the finest sites described after a thorough analysis, researches and trials for your comfort.

Tea TV apk | Download & Install Tea TV App for Android

Tea TV apk | Download & Install Tea TV App for Android


If you are a movie enthusiast, Tea TV via 9app is the ideal application for you. The application allows you to stream numerous movies online as well as download them and save them directly to your smartphone. The application features an attractive interface having the trending top rated movies from Reddit and IMDB as well as also features the forever classic hits and other popular ones.

The application has the most extensive collections of comic movies like Spiderman, Batman, Suicide Squad, the man of Steel and various other which are a favorite of millions of users across the world. It streams the movies in top HD quality provided you have an unlimited strong wifi connection and also supports all kinds of download resolutions from lower to HD quality as per the user’s device storage space.

The application includes a brief synopsis for every movie as well as the trailer so that users can get an idea about any unknown movie before downloading. The application has an amazing performance and is available for Android, Windows and MAC platform.

Features of Tea TV Application

  1. Stylish UI

The application features a very attractive and stylish interface with a materialistic design having the main page categorized in DC movies, Reddit Top Charts and MDB Top Rated movies. The organized interface lets users get access to any kind of trending movies instantly even if they don’t have any knowledge about it.  The top portion features the Collections with a drop down to browse from various categories and the search browser to filter by manual keyword search.

  1. Downloading Feature

The application supports different resolutions for movie downloads like 480p, 720p, to HD quality. Users can choose as per their device specifications and storage space. The application provides various options to the users while downloading like Play, Play with Subtitles, Download, Download with ADM etc providing users top rated online streaming and downloading experience. It also specifies the amount of storage space beside each resolution so that users can have the idea of how much storage space they need to free for the download.

  1. Subtitle Feature

The application allows users to choose if they like to stream the movie with subtitle or not. By clicking on Play with subtitle the movies are streamed online with subtitle while the users can also click on Off Subtitle to turn it off.

  1. Download Manager

The application allows users keep a track on downloaded files with the Download manager and also let them stream the movies on TV by downloading the apk file in Firestick and then operating it in TV with Firestick remote.

How to download Tea TV Application

  • All Android users can download the Tea TV Application by sideloading by enabling the ‘Unknown Sources’ option from Settings.
  • They can get the APK file from here 9apps fast download. The Android version should be above 4.
  • PC and MAC users need to install the Android emulators like Bluestacks, Nox Player first to run the Android APK file.


The application is a must download for all movie buffs for an amazing movie downloading and streaming experience for free.

UCmate apk | Download & Install UCmate App for Android!

UCmate apk Download & Install UCmate App for Android


Ucmate is a very interesting application for online video and audio streaming along with downloading them in HD resolution. In today’s times, there are plenty of online streaming channels and applications that give you access to plenty of videos and audios across the world like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Vine, Tumblr etc but none of them offers options for downloading the interesting videos or audio tracks if desired by the user.

Ucmate via vidmate online provides that excellent opportunity of downloading those interesting contents directly from these platforms and even allows users to convert them into audio Mp3 files if they are only in interested in listening to the audio track. The application also facilitates downloading from social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. It is very simple to operate and consumes less storage space. The application is developed for the Android platform and can be also installed in PC.

What makes Ucmate the best downloading tool?

The application Ucmate consists of various useful features suited to the convenience of the users.

  1. The user-friendly interface features all trending and popular videos in its homepage containing the integrated search bar for keyword search and the different video streaming platforms featured below it, helping users to stream unlimited videos from the featured channels, Youtube, manual search as well the from the application’s home screen.
  2. It supports multi-resolution download of videos from lower to Ultra HD quality having resolutions like -144p, 240p, 360p, 720p, HD, 2k, 4k, and 8k.
  3. It allows direct downloading of MP3 files by converting the videos into audio file formats.
  4. The downloading process is extremely fast and gets saved directly to the device SD card.
  5. The application is easy to understand and can be handled by all kinds of users. It is extremely small and lightweight compared to other downloading tools.

How to use Ucmate Application?

  1. a) Users need to install Ucmate application from the third party source. The APK file featuring the latest version can be downloaded from here vidmate app download
  2. b) To install this third-party file, users need to turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ from Settings and then go for the installation.
  3. c) PC and MAC users can also use this application by downloading android emulators like Nox Player, Bluestacks, KO Player etc.
  4. d) After installing the application, users need to tap open it and search for any video they like either from the featured ones or from the search bar as well as the channels.
  5. e) Next, they need to click on the video to open it, and select the resolution which they want for the downloaded file based on the device space and click on the Download button.
  6. f) In the same way, users can also convert the video files into audio formats.
  7. g) The application not only lets the user download plenty of videos but also let them stream millions of video contents online from the application’s interface.
  8. h) The application also has a separate section for the kid’s videos clicking on which you can get access to numerous entertaining funny videos.


Ucmate due to its simple and intuitive interface is a must downloading tool for all Android users for unlimited free downloads.

Netflix Apk | Download & Install Netflix App for Android!

Netflix apk | Download & Install Netflix App for Android!


Netflix is the biggest online video streaming site in the world that lets you watch unlimited TV series back to back with movies across the world with the help of its monthly subscription model.  The application previously was just limited to the website for PC and Laptops but now has been also launched as an application for the Android and IOS environment giving users the opportunity to enjoy unlimited movies, web series and TV shows anywhere irrespective of the geographical location with the help of their smart devices, iPhones and iPods.

Also from its featured library, you can stay updated with the trending movies and TV shows and play them directly to watch. The application provides 1 month free trial for the users with unlimited video streaming contents, however, if they like the service, they can go for the subscription packs. With a population of 137million subscribers across the world, Netflix via vidmate download apk is highly trending in recent times with its ultra satisfactory service.

How to use Netflix Application

  1. a) To use the Application on Android and iPhone, the users need to download it from Play Store and App Store respectively.
  2. b) After the installation gets completed, it will be launched with its official red and black N icon on the user’s device.
  3. c) Next, the users need to open the application and sign in with Netflix account. If they have it previously, they can use the existing one else create a new one.
  4. d) After that, the user needs to select the category whether he is a kid or an adult in the Who’s Watching section.
  5. e) The users are now welcome to the main interface of the application featuring various movies and TV shows to select from. They can select from the featured ones as well as go to the search bar, type the name of the TV show, web series or Movies to locate easily.
  6. f) They can have a look at the different genres available from the three horizontal line features on the top-left corner of the screen. Genre-wise selection can help them locate access plenty of contents in one go.
  7. g) Select the one you like and the streaming will be in HD quality providing you with the best online streaming experience. Also, you need to have a very good internet connection for that.

How to Play Netflix on TV?

You can watch Netflix on any smart tv easily as it is already integrated there that will take you directly from the TV environment to the Netflix platform for direct streaming. You can also watch Netflix on TV with Chromecast Setup. If your TV has Chromecast set up, you can go to the Chromecast section select the device from the list which you would like to connect to the TV be it Laptop or even game console like Xbox, PS3, PS4 to stream Netflix via vidmate free download directly on the TV screen. You can also connect your Laptop with TV using HDMI cable or with the help of VGA port to stream it on the TV screen.


Being the biggest online platform for movies and TV shows Netflix just not lets users watch them, but also allows them to rate the contents and suggest titles which they feel are missing for better user experience.

Generating Magnetic Electricity FREE


This is showing magnetic energy does exist. Generating free magnetic electricity from a few items

Copper tube, Wire, light bulb, and a few other items!

Will be showing how this is done by positng a how to.

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