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Top 5 Free Games app of 2019

Top 5 Free Games app of 2019

Gaming has always stood as the best medium of entertainment and creativity. The progressive era of technology has given an outstanding uplift in this sphere. Android games are undoubtedly becoming the latest choice of every smartphone users as smartphones are portable and easy to use.

Let’s spend our lovely time in gaining knowledge about the top 5 Free Games app of 2019 so that we can experience more fun :

  1. Bye Bye Bullseye Bye Bye Bullseye is an attractive and addictive gaming app. Here, the player needs to fling an arrow by touching the screen in order to hit the directed challenging target. As a result, you will earn points and coins which will help you to buy more wonderful arrows. It becomes more interesting and adventurous when joined by more friends or users.
  2. Beach ball roll (the journey across the beach)This gaming app is highly addictive and impressive with amazing sound effects, layout and tricks. It is a user-friendly game with easy navigation features. It consists of numerous additional features such as :
  • Blue portals
  • Dark blocks
  • Blocks having waves inside it

All these hilarious features made it the best one to try with friends and family.

  1. Crashlands This gaming app was launched in 2016 and is still marked as one of the most amazing Android games. This game involves in the crashing of an intergalactic trucker on an alien planet. Thus, you need to build a base, collect and craft various items in order to protect the world from immoral activities. The RPG element required for character development, lots of creative items and an auto – managing inventory makes it worth playing.
  2. Alto’s OdysseyIt is a natural, simple and user-friendly game (preferable for kids also). Players need to fly down a hill avoiding obstructions followed by making high jumps. It has simple mechanics with a pleasing style and gorgeous graphics. The wallpapers are also elegant, simple and dark colored that enhances the attraction of the game. Though the game is free, yet there are some, there are some optional and customizable in-app purchases.
  3. PUBG Mobile: This multiplayer (about 100 players) shooter game has gained higher eminence nowadays and is the first choice of its users. It’s highly adventurous and strongly amazing. The free battle royale provides a huge arena. It is mostly loved by its users as it could be played in any way preferred by the players. You could either defeat your enemies or hidden snipers present at a distance or jump into the battle with blazing guns and weapons. Now, let’s learn about the procedure of playing. This game is best enjoyed with friends. Many players land on a small island. They have to survive in the virtual battlefield (battle royale) via shooting the odds or collecting gears, weapons, vehicles, etc. You can also minimize the consumption of time by shrinking the play area. There is also a lighter version of the game known as PUBG Mobile lite which involves less number of players with lighter graphics.

Apart from these, there are innumerable mobile friendly games to try. We gave you an idea about the 5 trendiest gaming apps. All these games are made for recreational and entertainment purposes. Thus, it is earnestly advised to play them for a considerable period of time, just to refresh yourself from the regular boring life. Don’t remain stick to the games for prolonged hours. It may make you absent-minded, aggressive and irritated.

Customization Become The Key Element Of Differentiation


The business services offering is completely transformed from product development to product specification. With the range of services, customer prefers to take the product of their need with the specialized specification. Many companies develop the design based on an important element that supports customization that plays an essential role for business. Customization becomes the increasing trend to capture different customers. Each customer is different with the unique combination of demand and supports them to make an attractive product or service with the unique element as per customer.

Logo Customization

Similarly, with the increasing need of developing logo businesses tend to prefer the logo design that becomes an important choice element. The company tends to prefer logo development with a unique, appropriate, practical form with the simple element that conveys business core message. The core element of logo based on communication of the intended message. Custom Logo Design Service make the logo in any size, color and theme to make effective color. An effective logo depends on two principle element including great concept and efficient execution.

The process of Logo Customization

It is obvious that a good logo supports success and failure. Logo supported for creating a visual association of individuals that enable the business to communicate with potential stakeholders indirectly. This has given the opportunity for making the first impression. This becomes the part of the business image that supports for creating a quality of logo with the unique feature. During the development phase of custom logo design service that supports of applying typical process to be followed to maintain the accuracy of logo design.

Customization of brand presents the unique branding strategy that supports for development of the effective design to maximize the benefit and satisfy the clients. The process of developing the customized logo design is based on the following process:


The initial stage of customization begins with taking information from clients. At this phase, a designer requires to take information from clients regarding business values, nature and products/service offerings.


Identifying the customer need is essential that is based on industry evaluation, identifying business standing in the market, recognize the key source of competition and apply the problem-solving technique for catering the service need.


Research supports the designer to recognize that logo design is effective based on the current trend and leading business operations that is based on the provided brief of the company.  Trends are followed in design but not applied to it. The reason for this affects the longevity of the design which is the key to logo design.


Logo development depends on the business concept and industry evaluation. This considers as an important element of the design process. Logos are designed to inspire and make creative logo design. This starts with sketching that saves time and brings the simplicity of ideas. Sketching helps for idea evaluation and understand the aspect of design to make it on the part.


An effective approach that can be applied in the logo development process is to take a break from the design process. This support business ideas to develop and provide instant feedback. This gives perspective for the conceptualization of idea that has given feedback on developed work.


With the development of logo sketch, business position itself from the stakeholder perspective and evaluate the design based on the development of long term relationship with business aspects. Through this logo can be developed and revise for making an improved design.


During the development of logo design, various sketch and drafts are created. However, the best design needs to present to clients that help their customers to recognize brand identity. The design approval is based on a high-quality presentation to the clients. Presentation of logo design is based on developing a custom design for attaining the interest of potential stakeholders. The presentation need to be interactive and attention gainer. Design that lack idea needs to be avoided that affect the client interest.

Delivery and Support

The final stage of developing a design is based on delivery of the logo to the customers. This associated with providing the relevant files to the customer and provide the needed support. Delivering the quality of service is important. Due to this, the customer gains the final business design. It is important to satisfy the customers with the quality and innovative business design.

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