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How to record the screen of your iPhone


Do you want to record your iPhone screen? This is a great step towards improving the Apple productivity because up to now people still find difficulty in exploring for the perfect recorder on iPhone/iPad.

Here are the steps of iPhone screen recording

If you don’t have screen recording option in your control panel you can add by these steps:-

  1. Open your settings in an iPhone and click on control center option.

Click on the customize controls option. In this, you will find the screen recording option.

Now select the green icon and screen recording added to the control panel.

  1. Now swipe control panel and tap the screen recording button to access it.
  1. A 3-second countdown will start in another window. When the recording starts, you will see a red bar on the top of your screen which shows you that it’s recording.

If you want to stop recording just click on the red bar, you will get a confirmation of the end of the recording, then click on stop. If you do not want to stop recording just click on cancel button.

  1. When you are done recording you will get a message on your screen that where you want to save the recording. Click the option where you want to save, Your recording will be saved.

How to transfer Photos on an iPhone


This will guide you that how you will transfer your important photos on an iPhone that you will access easily.

1. Using iCloud method:- The following steps are taken:-

1. Open the settings options on your iPhone.

2. Click on Apple ID and sign in. If you have no Apple Id then first sign up into your phone.

3. Then click on iCloud option. Click on photos and on the iCloud library option. Now photos on your device or camera roll pictures will automatically be saved to iCloud. Now you will see the photos on iCloud.

2. Using Airdrop Method:- Follow these steps

1. Click on settings and tap the option control center.


2. Swipe the control panel, you will find an option of Airdrop. The options you will see click on everyone option.

3. For using Airdrop it is necessary to switch on your Bluetooth or wifi of your iPhone.

4. Open the photos icon on another phone. Click on Albums option. You will find this option at the bottom of the screen.

5. Tap or click the photos which you want to share. You will find an upward-pointing arrow on the left side of the screen.

6. Then click on Airdrop and select the name of iPhone from which you want to share. Then you will get a message that a device is sharing the photos. After completing all you can see the pictures on your iPhone.

3. Using iTunes:- This is a typical method among two. let us discuss here:-

1. We want to transfer photos from computer to iPhone. Connect the iPhone from the USB cable to your computer.

2. Then launch iTunes.

3. Select your device icon and click on the photo header.

4. Verify Sync Photos and pick an application or folder. Then apply.

5. Your photos will transfer to your iPhone.

If you want to transfer photos from iPhone to your computer then do this:-

1. Connect your iPhone with a USB cable to your computer.

2. When connected then from the Autoplay pop up option click on import pictures and videos.

3. Select the place where you want to import the photos and then click on import.

Johor, Malaysia - May 06, 2014: Facebook page on smart phone and notebook screen. Facebook is the world’s largest social network, May 06, 2014 in Johor, Malaysia.

Facebook is a big social networking site used by millions of people. It is originated by Mark Zuckerberg. From this, you can share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas to your friends, family and other people in the world. You can upload pictures in your timeline, story and in another person wall.

How to upload a photo on your timeline:-

1. If you want to upload a Facebook photo in your smartphone, then first you need to install the Facebook application in your phone from the play store.

2. After installing the app, you have to log into your account. If you have already account on Facebook then enter email id/phone number and password and continue to login. If you have not any Facebook account then first sign up.

3. Now click on photo option on the top of your Facebook. A window appears from which you want to add photos like from gallery, drive or you want to click a photo from the camera.


4. Select the photo which you want to upload. The photo which you have uploaded is shared. Click on that photo and select the share option on the right-hand side of your window.

5. Now your photo will be shared in your timeline. Your friends now see your photo which you have uploaded.

Upload photo on your story:-

1. If you want to share your photo on your story. On top of your Facebook, there is an option add to story on the left-hand side of your Facebook.

2. Click on that option, add a photo which you want on your story.

3. Then click on send. Your story will be shared with your friends.

The best drones of 2019


Over the few years, drones have become more accessible. The drones have excellent 4K cameras and sporting portable form factors.

Here we will discuss the best drones for you:-

1. DJI Spark:- The DJI Spark is the most branded company. This drone has a small size and an affordable price. The camera shoots very 1080p video and 12-megapixel photos. This drone operated in three ways: hand gestures, a mobile device or, a hand controller.

This drone has an automatic quick shots mode and takes best selfies. Its battery life is 16 minutes and the wifi range is 100 meters. This drone has easy to fly and has intelligent flight modes. This is the portable and user-friendly drone in the demand.

2. Parrot Bebop 2 Power FPV:– It is a very stable drone and easy to fly. It has a great battery life and has a wifi range of 100 meters. It has an emergency cut out feature which is a very great feature. Means if drone finds any obstacle while flying, change the direction automatically. Parrot Bebop drone has remote control and a pair of FPV goggles.

3. Parrot Anafi:- Parrot Anafi is a lightweight, portable and foldable drone. It takes 4K video and an excellent camera zoom quality. The features like follow me mode tracks your movements, adjusting automatically for more photogenic angles, and its SmartDronies modes like Orbit, Parabola, Boomerang, and Tornado can fly around various circles. You can turn its 4k camera anywhere. It is easy to operate.

4. DJI Mavic Air:– This is the best foldable drone you can buy in 2019. This drone can shoot 4K video up to 100Mbps. It has a very intelligent flight mode so easy to fly. This drone can shoot HDR and panoramic stills. The battery life of this drone is 21 minutes and has a wifi range of 80 meters. The Seven cameras and infrared sensors guarantee the Mavic Air is capable at both hovering and object avoidance, also if the wind picks up.

5. DJI Inspire 2:- This drone has a solid build quality & backup systems. It has a dual controller option and the top speed is 58mph. This drone gives you a sleek metal composite bodywork.

This drone is used by the professionals and they can easy to operate and has control of 5k videos. It is a little pricy drone.

6. Zerotech Dobby:- This is the very smaller drone even smaller than your smartphone. This drone has a battery life of 9 min and the wifi range is 100 meters. As the smaller size on a strong wind, it cannot operate well but in normal days its performance is impressive. This drone can shoot 4k videos but only on digital stabilization. Its camera can’t be tilted remotely. As very affordable prices this is not the best among all.

Everything You Should Need To Know About The OnePlus 6T


OnePlus is the most advanced smartphone in the market. Now, this phone arrived in the market and it has great features like other T models. The price is slightly high.


As the OnePlus 7 Pro has launched, OnePlus has May 17, From the May 17 the price will starting at $550 for the 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage model, with the 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage model coming at $600. The price has cut down around $30 and its great range

The OnePlus 6T is the initial time OnePlus’s phones have come to a major U.S. carrier, but that business comes with some downsides,  somewhat slower OS updates. Alternatively, T-Cellular is picking up, due to the release of Oxygen OS 9.0.4  for the provider’s OnePlus 6T gadgets. This update will give you improved nightscape mode security update on November 2018. If you have not received this update you can check this on your phone settings. Click on settings > System update > Check for updates if any.


OnePlus originated the OnePlus 6T in two colors one is nighttime black and other is replicate black.


This phone is very fast to operate and has an optic AMOLED screen which is

big. One plus 6 T has a small notch. It has Android 9.0 which is out of the box and has an in screen fingerprint sensor which looks best.  It has 16MP (OIS, EIS, f/1.7) / 20MP (f/1.7) Rear camera and 16MP (EIS, f/2.0) front camera. When we will talk about the camera then it is the best smartphone. You will find amazing camera plus video capture capabilities too. You can record 4K video at 60 frames per second.

One plus has a 6.41-inch screen with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (octa-core, 1nm, 2.8GHz) processor. The screen resolution is 2,340 x 1,080 and has a battery of 3700 mah. You will not find any problems regarding the battery. It will give you a great charging.


The OnePlus 6T appears with a number of options for biometric unlocking. You will access the in-display fingerprint scanner, but Face Unlock is available too and you can unlock the phone in 0.4 seconds.

The best android apps of 2019


App developers are trying to develop and enhance our smartphone and tablet experiences. In particular, so many Android apps come out every day that it’s difficult to keep a record of them all.  It is difficult to find the best app for millions of app. Here we have searched the best apps which you can use:-


  1. OMNIA MUSIC PLAYER:- Omnia Music Player is an offline music player. You can listen to songs offline. This app gives you features like gapless play, gestures, and album arts. It also gives you 10-band equalizer and Google Voice command support. If you want a music player with offline songs, try this you will love it.

The only disadvantage is that it scans your songs by default. Like your WhatsApp recordings, your phone songs, etc. Otherwise, it’s the best app to use.

  1. SPARK EMAIL:– If you want to change your default Email app, then Spark Email app is best. This app gives you specialties like Smart Inbox, the ability to snooze emails, scheduling and more. The best part is that you can also combine multiple signatures to an email account and switch between them while composing the email.

  1. ZOHO SHOW:-It is a presentation app. It works like Google slides or Powerpoint slides. You can prepare a presentation and edit them. This app gives you many features like transition animations, image filters, and other customization options.

  1. RISE:- It is a health and fitness related app. Rise is a sleep control app that includes techniques to help you sleep better. The techniques include mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation and more. It also records sleeping progress.

  1. SCRIBBL:- This app makes your Instagram stories more interesting and you can draw animations also. If you are on Instagram, then this is the best app for you.

  1. LIGHTBEAM:- It is a screen sharing app. If your friend has a Lightbeam app you can share your screen with him. Your friend can see your screen and you can also see your friend screen. It is best for work environments.

  1. BATTERY NOTCH:- If you want to put a notch on your smartphone, then this battery notch is the best app for you. You can use the notch as a battery pointer. You have to choose the shape of the notch, the battery notch cannot choose itself. If you want to hide the system battery indicator, you can also hide this.

  1. NETFLIX:- It provides you video- streaming services. You will find a huge collection of videos and movies on Netflix. You can watch these videos according to your choice. You can get this app around $9.99 per month.

  1. NYTIMES:- This is one of the best news apps. You can customize their newsfeed. This app manages the publication contents in a proper format.
  1. DOWNLOAD NAVI:- This is one of the download manager apps for android users. It gives you all the downloads on the home screen. If you want to download something, on just one tap you can download. You can also pause and play the download in which way you want. You have to just copy the link, open the app and add a link. then you have no worries.

How to join Google+


Google plus also said as G+ or Google plus. It is a social network and operated by Google Inc.

Steps to join Google+

1. Go to, If you have a Google account then you can sign in directly to the Google+ but if you have not any Google account then in the top right-hand side, there is join Google+ button. Click on that button.

2. Go to the Create an account option on the bottom of the page.

3. After clicking create an account option you have to fill all the appropriate details like your full name, a username, password, your birth date, gender, other email address, and phone number. You will need to agree to the Google terms of service.

4. When you all set up this, then sign into Google+.

5. When you are first time log into Google+, you have to set up your profile.

6. Click on Create profile option. FIll your personal information and other information and click on update.

7. Click on add photo option and add a profile photo that people can recognize you.

8. After this, you can add friends which you might know. complete if you want, otherwise click on next.

9. Now you can follow the pages of your interest. If you want to follow then follow those pages and click on continue.

10. Once you have filled all the information which needed, your profile will complete and click on finish.

11. Now it’s time to experience Google+.

The best power banks of 2019


Anyone who uses a smartphone knows the value of carrying a power bank. When you are traveling all day and by 6 o’clock you go to check email on your phone and the battery is dead. What will you do if you have no options for charging your phone? Then power bank helps you a lot.

There are so many power banks or portable chargers are available. We will discuss here the best portable chargers for you:-

  1. Anker PowerCore 20,100 power bank:- This is one of the best power banks company in the market. It has a slightly heavy and huge battery size. Its capacity is 20100 mah and has 2 output ports for charging. If you want a fast charger, then this is one of the best portable chargers. It does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge. The power bank comes with four blue LED lights to show its own charge levels. Its cost is around $69.

  1. Xiaomi 10,000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro:- Xiaomi 10000 mah is an affordable power bank in the market. It is the top pick of the portable chargers. It gives you very fast charging, even it can charge Google pixel 2 phone in 2 hours. It operates with micro USB and USB-C devices. Its cost is around $30.

  1. MAXOAK 50,000mAh:– This power bank has a large design and huge battery. MAXOAK 50000 mah may not be the best portable chargers but it gives features a lot. It has six ports for charging. You can charge many devices at a time. It can charge even your laptops also. So if you are a working guy and you have so many devices. This is one of the best power banks you can purchase.

  1. Mophie Powerstation USB-C XXL:– It has 19500 mah capacity and has 2 ports for charging. Mophie Powerstation power bank has 30 W charging power so you can charge some laptops also. It has extra power so has also an extra size. You can not keep it into your pocket. You can charge two devices at a time. This is also one of the best portable chargers in 2019.

  1. Qi-infinity Upgraded Powerbank:- It has a capacity of 35000mah. It has a large design and has 4 ports for charging. It does not work with all laptops. You can charge your USB Smartphones and a MacBook also. It has a quick charge port also.

  1. Lifeproof Lifeactiv Power Pack 10:- This is one of the best portable chargers you have seen. It’s completely guarded against water, drops, dirt and even snow. This Powerbank has a LED flashlight also which helps in the dark. It has 10000mah capacity which is sufficient for you to charge your smartphones.

  1. Poweradd Pilot Pro2:- Poweradd Pilot pro 2 has a capacity of 23000mah. It is not a tiny charger and is able to charge your laptop or tablet as well as your phone together. You can charge three devices at a time and of large capacity, you can recharge your devices enough times.

How to set up an Email account on an Android Phone


Setting up an email account on your Android is really simple. You can check your messages anywhere needed through your phone.

For setting up an email account its necessary to have an account.

Example:- Your domain name, an email address, and an email password.

How to set up:-


  1. On the home screen, click on the settings option. There are so many built-in options you will find. Click on Accounts option.

  1. Click on the add account option, then choose the email account you have, like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. If you don’t have any email account then do it manually.

  1. Now you should be asked to enter email address and password. Then enter the appropriate details and click on Ok and permit all the terms and conditions apply.


  1. It takes little time to proceed, then your account will be ready to see. You can check or compose your emails through your account.


Manual set up of the account


  1. If you have not any particular account like Gmail, Yahoo, then you can set your account manually.


  1. After open the Email, then enter an email address and password.


  1. Then select the account type which you want to make. There are three options POP3, IMAP, and EXCHANGE. I will suggest clicking on the IMAP option.

  1. Click on next, your account will be done. Now you can access your account.

How to use Skype IM or Skype Chat


Skype is a telecommunication app through which you can do a video call, voice call and chat from your computer, smartphones, and tablets.

For voice calls, messages you need a Skype app on your computer or a Skype account.

How to use Skype IM:-

These are the steps of using Skype IM:-

1. First of all, it’s necessary to log into Skype, then the main screen will open.

2. You will find a list of contacts on the left-hand side of the screen. Then double click on that friend which you want to send a message.

3. You will see your friend window in a new tab. There is a text box at the bottom of the screen. Type your message which you want to send, then click on enter. The message which you will send is via Skype. It’s the default method of sending.

4. You can send pictures, video, document and contacts via Skype IM.

5. If your friend is online and you are also online then he/she replies to the message and you will get the reply immediately. If you are offline then you will get the message when you are online.

6. You can add any phone number to your contacts for Skype If the phone number you are adding has a Skype account.

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