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How you can Customize Whatsapp Notification on Android and iOS


WhatsApp has become the most common messaging service in the world and although it comes with its own drawbacks. In the previous years, WhatsApp notifications were a huge problem both in Android and iOS. When the Android Oreo released, Google made Notification channels.

Apple also made grouped notifications with iOS 12. Now WhatsApp users can customize notifications based on personal contacts with custom time and notification tone and also customize group notifications. In this article, we will discuss how you can customize WhatsApp notification for both Android and iOS:-


Customize WhatsApp Notification On Android:-


  1. Open the Settings app in your phone and click on Apps and notification. Then search for WhatsApp and click on it.

  1. Now, touch on App notifications to get all the customization options. Here you can disable any type of notification which you don’t want to receive and enable those which you want to receive.

Customize Whatsapp Notification

  1. You can also manage notifications. For example, you can click on Group notifications and set your choices for group chat notifications.


  1. As per your call, you will get notifications either with sound, no sound or just no disturbance. If you choose the “urgent” option then both sound and a pop-up message will signal you.


  1. Similarly, for personal chats, you can customize the notification by clicking on Message notifications. Here, you can customize the importance level and sound.

Customize WhatsApp Notification with In-App Settings:-


  1. For this open WhatsApp icon and select the contact which you want to customize. If you want to block notifications for that contact then just click on Mute notification option and select the time period in how much time you want to block. Click on OK.

Customize WhatsApp Notification with In-App Settings


  1. If you want to set a notification for a particular contact. Then click on “Custom notifications” option and enables the “Use custom notifications” option on the top of the screen. You can customize notification tone, vibration mode, and a notification call also.

Custom notifications

Customize WhatsApp Notification on iOS:-

  1. Open the settings option in your phone and click on notifications option. A drop-down list will open, Select WhatsApp from them.

Customize WhatsApp Notification on iOS

  1. Then select the alerts option to set the style which you want. If you want to show the messages on your lock screen then you can also enable that option.

notification grouping

How you can use Chrome Extensions on Android

How you can use Chrome Extensions on Android

Google Chrome is the most popular and demanded browser used by many users. In Android, it is inbuilt browser and many peoples are used this browser. Extensions are the most essential information for a web browser. You cannot use Chrome Extensions on the mobile and not they have any methods of enabling them. There is no way to enable extension direct on Android.

With the help of different browsers, you can enable the Google Chrome extensions. The browsers used commonly Kiwi and Yandex browser. The best browser is Kiwi browser. Here we will discuss the Kiwi Browser. How from this browser you can use the Google Chrome extension. But, here is a great way to use Chrome Extensions on Android:-

1. Download Kiwi browser app from the play store. The version of Kiwi browser is 73.0.03683.90 or higher. If there is no such version in play store you can directly download from the Google Search engine.

kiwi browser

2. Once your download is completed, tap on the browser to download the extensions. Move to the extension page, at the top right corner tap on the 3 dots. A drop-down list will open, tap on Extensions.

chrome extensions

3. Then the extensions page opens in a new window. On this page, you will see a hyperlink marked “Kiwi Web Store”. This is the same as the Chrome Web Store from where you can download the desktop extensions.

extensions pagegoogle chrome extension4. You can see the downloaded extensions in the extension’s page. Here you can disable the extensions. To visit the extensions page you can also type chrome://extensions on the browser.

disable the extensions gogle dictionary

5. Some extensions are used with the desktop. You have to go back to the Home Page, tap on the three dots and use the extensions manually by clicking on them.


How to delete Google Search history from the Web and Android

How to delete Google Search history from the Web and Android

Google Search is a part of our life. We use it every single day. Google search engine is the best search engine which makes our life easier.

In this, we will guide you how you can delete Google search history from the web and Android both so that no one can see your internet history:-

Delete Google Search history from the Android:-

  1. Click on settings option in your Android and a list will open. Select Google option from that list. Now click on Google account option and a new window will open select Data and personalization option in a new window.

Delete Google Search history from the Android

  1. After that open web and app activity option and click on manage activity. Then on the top right side corner tap on 3 dots and click on “delete activity by” option. After that type on the search box and select the time period of deleting the data.

How to delete Google Search history

  1. Then select the delete button and the search history will be deleted from all devices.


Delete Google Search history from the Web:-


  1. Open the web browser and type google.com in a browser. Select the sign in button to sign into your account.


  1. After that tap on your profile icon and click on the Google Account option.

google account

  1. Select the Data and personalization option from the list.

Data and personalization

  1. Then select Activity controls and open the web and app activity option.

web and app activity

  1. On the bottom of the page, select the manage activity option and it will redirects you on the settings page.

manage activity option

  1. On the left-hand side select “Delete Activity By” option.

Delete Activity By

  1. After that select the time period from which you want to delete search history.

time period

  1. Now click on delete button and a message will come for confirmation select delete button and press Ok. Your history will be deleted from your web.

delete button

how to record WhatsApp calls on Android and iPhone

how to record WhatsApp calls on Android and iPhone

WhatsApp is a great messenger application with a number of specialties including both video and audio calls. We use it every day because it’s comfortable and just works. But there is one characteristic that has been missing for a while and that is call recording. Yes, there is the concern of security and misuse of call recording, but sometimes we need it.

Here we will discuss how to record WhatsApp calls on Android and iPhone:-

On Android:-

WhatsApp call recording on Android and iPhone feature does not run on every device. Some devices have VoIP call recording feature enabled and some have not.

  1. For this, you have to first install Cube call recorder app.


  1. Open that app and enables all the required permissions.

record WhatsApp calls on Android

  1. Now open your WhatsApp and give a call. Then your screen indicating recording your WhatsApp call. If the widget does not appears then manually tap the microphone in the app. It will automatically start recording.

Record WhatsApp calls using Call Recorder

  1. In some circumstances, the recordings don’t have audio from the other side. To fix this, open “Recording”. Change VoIP recording audio source to Microphone. It will turn loudspeaker it’s necessary.

whatsapp call recorder app android

On iPhone:-

iOS is strict when it comes to secrecy, so there is no easy way to record calls be it WhatsApp calls. We require a subsequent device as your primary device will remain connected to your Mac for recording.


  1. Combine your iPhone to Mac and give required permissions. Now, open QuickTime and select the File menu. Click on “New Audio Recording”, select your iPhone as the source, and select the record button.

new audio recording

  1. Of your iPhone, create a WhatsApp call to your subsequent WhatsApp device. Once attached, then use the WhatsApp’s group calling feature and add the person you want to talk to.

iphone user whats app voice call

  1. Now you can continue the call using the subsequent device. When you are done the call, then stop the quick time recording and save it on your iPhone.

How to Change Language in Google Chrome

Change Language in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular browser. That means different people, who speak different languages, use this browser. If you are not happy with the default language on Google Chrome i.e  English and you want to change it, you can change it.

In this article, we will guide you that how to change language in Google Chrome:-

  1. Open the Google Chrome menu on your mobile phone or on your computer.


  1. On the right top corner there is 3 dot corner, click on that dots and select settings option.

click on settings

  1. A drop-down list will open, click on the advanced option and select languages.

select languages

  1. After clicking the languages, select “Add languages” option.

Add languages

  1. Now you have to select the language that you want to use in Google Chrome. There are a number of languages select the one which you want.

select language

  1. Then select the 3-dot menu beside the language of your preference and enable “Display Google Chrome in this language” option.

Display Google Chrome in this language

  1. Then for the changes to take effects to select the “Relaunch” button.


  1. Click the Language settings again and click on “move to the top” button.

move to the top

  1. Now your language changed successfully.
  2. Now if you also want to change the language of Google search on Chrome, then perform a Google search and Select on Settings and choose Language.

Change Language in Google Chrome

  1. Then select the language which you want and click on save button.

how to Change Language in Google Chrome

  1. Now Google search will also perform with the language of your choice.

How to Lock Files on the Mac

How to Lock Files on the Mac

Not all of your data are intended to be seen by everyone. Your friends and family may not understand this truth. Fortunately, MacBook owners can protect their delicate files from spying eyes by password protecting specific folders.

If you want to lock a folder, anything within it can’t be changed or deleted. If you lock a file, you can’t make any charges without unlocking it.

Here are the steps to lock files on Mac:-

1. Open the Finder app. Drive to the location of the file or folder which you want to like to lock. Select on that file or folder.

lock files on Mac computer

2. With the file or folder selected, choose File then at the top of the screen select Get Info from the menu bar.

how to lock files on Mac

3. In the top of the window, there is a General section that’ll appear, see the Locked check box, and toggle it on.

lock files on Mac

Locking files in an App:

1. At the top of the window search the name of your file in the toolbar. Select the name, and a drop-down list should appear.

lock files Mac

2, If you can lock this item or if the locking is available, then you have to select the locking checkbox.

3. If editing a file gives you a warning message. Then you have to create a duplicate file or unlock that file for edits. If you will try to delete a locked file, then also you will get a warning message.

warning message

If you like these steps about lock files on Mac computer or laptop then share it with friends.

How to Uninstall Adobe Flash Player from Mac OS

How to Uninstall Adobe Flash Player from Mac

Are you bored of viewing an update like this on your Mac? Adobe asks you to download and install an update to Flash Player and you get disturbed.

Not anymore! These days latest web browsers Like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc. all work seamlessly to YouTube and many other live streaming web services.

So, no need for Flash player. It’s better to uninstall Adobe Flash Player from your Mac so you won’t be disturbed by the annoying updates and potential security issues.

In this article, we will guide you about how to uninstall adobe flash player from Mac OS:-

1. Go to the system preferences and in search options check to see adobe flash player is available or not. If available select that option.

Go to the system preferences

2. Remove that adobe flash player pane and then open the Finder and move to the Library folder and find the directory: ~Library/PreferencePanes.

Remove that adobe flash player

3. Then remove the flash player subfolder from the PreferencePanes folder.


Remove Flash player from Mac with App Cleaner

App Cleaner is a special application to completely remove any type of applications from Mac. It automatically detects support files of apps and removes them securely.

1. Download app cleaner and uninstaller app in your Mac.


2. Then select the adobe flash player app from the list and select the remove button.

select the adobe flash player app

3. Then in a new window, you have to confirm the removing of the app. Then your adobe flash player will remove from the Mac.

uninstall adobe flash player from mac

How to Change the Default Downloads Folder on Your Mac

How to Change Downloads Folder on Mac

Are you forget to clean all your Default destination Downloads folder? Here we will show you How to Change Downloads Folder on Mac Operating System.

There is a dedicated download folder available on Mac, we don’t want to use that every time we download something from the Internet. For example, I prefer to use the download location as ‘Desktop’. It justifies two purposes; first, everything is accessible much easier on the Desktop. Secondly, I clean the items from Desktop frequently than I do the download folder. So, no risk of having junk files hiding here and there.

The Safari web browser is the default web browser for Mac will download any files to the Downloads folder of the active user account. Most Mac users will likely be happy with that, but some may want to change the file download directory in Safari for Mac OS to another directory.

How to Change the Downloads Folder on Mac:-

  1. Open the Safari web browser on your Mac Computer.


  1. On the top of the screen click on safari, a drop-down list will open. Then click on preferences.

change downloads folder on your mac

  1. Click on the General tab option and then select the “File Download Location” then click on the downloads.

Change the Default Downloads Folder

  1. Select another option to change the downloads destination.

How to Change Default Downloads Folder on Mac

  1. Drive to the directory you want Safari to download files to and choose “Select”

How to Change default Downloads Folder on Mac

  1. Exit the safari preferences when you will finish. Now all downloaded files from Safari will go to the folder or directory you selected.


How you can change the Default Download Location in Firefox:- The following steps are taken


  1. Open the Firefox browser and click on firefox option on the top right-hand side.


  1. A drop-down list will open, then click on preferences.

change the Default Download Location in Firefox

  1. Click on General tab option, you will find an option save files to. There is choose the button on the right-hand side, select that button and choose your download location to a different folder.

Change Downloads Folder Mac

How to Delete Spotify Cache On iPhone And iPad

How to Delete Spotify Cache On iPhone

Are you want to Delete Spotify Cache On iPhone Mobile then here we will discuss it.

A cache is used for temporary data stored by apps and websites so they can run more efficiently in the future. Your phone will recreate cache even after you remove it.

Storage space is that mostly the iPhone users will ultimately find to be a problem. The device has a limited amount of space for files, and it can immediately be consumed by apps, pictures, videos, and music. While there are many things that you can do to free up this space, Spotify app has a tool that can clear up some space as well.

In this, we will guide you How to Delete Spotify Cache On iPhone And iPad:-

  1. Open the Spotify app and click on the settings option on the top of the right-hand side on your phone.

Delete Spotify Cache On iPhone

remove Spotify Cache On iPhone

  1. Now Select the storage option.

Delete Spotify Cache On iPhone mobile

  1. There is delete cache option. Click on that option.

Delete Cache On iPhone

  1. If you want to delete then click on confirm and clear all the cache.

how to Delete Spotify Cache On iPhone

How you can change the Dropbox Folder Location on the Mac

How to change the Dropbox Folder Location on the Mac

Dropbox is an online document storage service that permits users to upload, share, and access data from mobile and desktop applications as well as a browser-based interface. It offers free and paid services from which you can modify data and sharing restrictions and provides software applications for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, iPhone, and iPad.

By default, Dropbox folder is stored in users folder at C:\Users\<username>.

Here are the steps to change Dropbox Folder location on Mac:-


  1. Select the Dropbox icon located in the menu bar.


  1. Click on settings options like a small gear and click on preferences.

  1. After clicking on preferences, a window will open. Click on sync option.

  1. Then select the Dropbox folder location option and a drop-down list will open, Select other from the drop-down list.

  1. A window will open and you have to choose where you want to move that folder. Click on the select option and select the move option to confirm.

  1. Now your folder will move from this location to another.

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