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Excellent Ways to Open and Edit PSD files without Photoshop


PSD is a famous file format but like other file formats PNG, JPG, and BMP, etc which you can open in any photo viewer, PSD is open in certain apps like Photoshop. Sometimes you are outside and your friend sends you a photo or logo and you want to open that file and you can’t open in your computer. You can open the file without photoshop. Here are the best ways to open and edit PSD files without photoshop:-


  1. GOOGLE DRIVE:- If you want to open and view the image under PSD file then Google Drive is the best option. For this, you have to open Google Drive, then drag the PSD file which you want to open in the Google Drive. When the upload is complete then you will see a variety of options. Right-click on the archive and select Preview to see the image. You can also print the photo or convert that photo using cloud convert. You can’t view layers of the PSD files in Google Drive.


  1. PHOTOPEA:- PhotoPea is the best online website to open the PSD files. From a link or from a computer you can directly open a PSD file. It can obtain your webcam and get a picture directly. This is available in eight languages and you can customize according to your conform. It also supports heavy PSD files without any problem.


  1. ARTWEAVER:- To open the PSD files without any hassle Artweaver is the best tool. You can make changes in the basic layers to an image without any problem. The free version offers you many filters like blur, distort, sharpen, etc. You can also save PSD file to jpeg, TARGA, bitmap, tiff, and gif.


  1. ART MASTER:- In an art master you can open the multiple file formats including PSD. To load the image you have to simply drag and drop the files to the app interface. The ArtMaster opens the multiple file formats like PSD, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc but you can also convert your PSDs to other formats like JPEG, PNG, etc.


  1. IRFANVIEW:- IrfanView is not just displaying the PSD file. This also can do many things like conversion, optimization, scan, and printing and create slide shows. You can also save your PSD file in jpg, BMP, Raw, and PDF, etc.

How You Can Get Facebook Chat Heads for WhatsApp, Skype and Similar Apps in 2019


Facebook launches chat heads in Messenger a long time ago and this is the best feature of Facebook. If you like Facebook chat heads feature and you also want that feature in other apps. Then see in this article that how you can get Facebook Chat heads for WhatsApp, Skype, and other similar apps:-




  1. On your android mobile go to the play store then download and install the DirectChat app (Free).


  1. Before starting the app, you have to provide permissions over other apps and to access the notification content. Just enable the permission toggle.


  1. Then a welcome screen you will see. To see a message on your pop up screen just tap the “Test ChatHead” option.


  1. You will find the option of apps where you will find the app which is compatible with DirectChat. You can enable or disable the apps which you want in chat heads.




  1. MESSENGER LIKE UI:- The best feature of Direct Chat over other apps is the replicated the functionality of Messenger. This app offers a chat bubble, pop-up messages, unread badges, and the whole messaging UI. Use this app you will find a great experience.


  1. CHAT HEAD FEATURES:- Direct Chat offers you a ton of features. When a new message will come, you can either tap a pop up message or you can open the chat head. You can also block or unblock user or you can temporarily stop notifications by click on the “Do Not Disturb” feature.


Beyond this, Direct chat offers so many features like you can set the themes of your profile, you can set everything in the colors of your profile like title bar, background, incoming and outgoing messages, etc.  You can also set the chat bubble size, transparency, border color, and as well as conversation pane transparency. Direct chat is available mostly for all social media and email apps.

How You Can Use Instagram for Mac Without Restrictions in 2019



Instagram is a great social media network which 500 million users are used nowadays. We used Instagram for sharing photos and videos. We can use Instagram on mobiles. iPhone and iPad users can easily access Instagram without any restrictions but Mac users can’t access Instagram without any restrictions. Through the official website, Mac users can access Instagram but with the limitations. Here, we will discuss how you can use Instagram for Mac without restrictions:-




  1. Open the Safari browser and on the top menu bar tap on the “Safari” option. Then a list of options will come, click on the “Preferences” option.


  1. Now move to the “Advanced tab” and in the menu bar enable the “Show Developer Menu” at the bottom.


  1. Now on the Safari open the “Instagram official page” and sign into your account. If your Facebook account is already linked with Facebook then sign in to with Facebook.


  1. When you successfully sign into account then on the top of the menu bar click on the “Develop” option and open the “User Agent” option. Then select the User Agent as “iOS XX.X iPhone” option.


  1. Then your Instagram refresh itself and a mobile layout will open.


  1. Now tap on the plus button and you can upload videos and photos on Instagram directly on your Mac. You can also access messages on your Mac.





The steps are similar as you have done in Safari. Follow these steps:-


  1. On the Chrome open the Instagram’s official website and sign in to your account with Facebook or any other credentials.


  1. When you sign into the account, to open the developer console press the CMD+Shift+C key. On the top left corner, you have to select the “mobile tablet” button.


  1. Refresh your page and Instagram will open in a mobile view. After that, you have to close the console.


  1. From the plus button, you can upload the photos and videos. On your Mac, you can also send direct messages.


These are the ways to access Instagram on your Mac. You can also use third party apps for that. There are so many apps which you can find in the app store.

How To Install iOS 13 (Thirteen) Developer Beta On Your iPhone

How To Install iOS 13 Developer Beta iPhone

Apple revealed the upcoming operating system for the iPhones and the 7th generation iPod Touch i.e iOS 13 and also released a developer beta for developers to try out and examine their apps on. If you are in a hurry and you can’t wait for the update. You can download the latest version on your iPhones. See how you can install iOS 13 Developer Beta on your iPhone:-

For installation of iOS 13, you need the following:-

  1. You have to your Apple account. Without Apple account, you can’t download the Developer Beta.
  2. Before installing the Beta, take a back up of your phone or store your data because developer beta can wipe or erase your data.


  1. Visit the Apple Developer website and log in to your Apple account. Now at the top click on the “Developer” option and then tap on the “Downloads”.



  1. Now scroll down the page and select the “View All” option.

ios 13 beta

  1. Now for the iPhone model download the restore file that you’re thinking on installing the beta on. In this, I downloaded the image for the iPhone X.

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  1. When your download is completed, then you have to connect your iPhone with the Mac. Then tap on the “Option” button and click on the “update” option. From this, you can choose a downloaded update file that you can run on your iPhone.


  1. Now select the image which you want to download and tap on the “open” at the bottom.


This is the update of your iPhone. By using these instructions you can run iOS 13 on your phone. Please note that iOS 13 is beta software. If you are using your iPhone on a daily basis then don’t install it on your phone. It may contain bugs and errors and also can wipe your data. Also, Apple gives you a warning before installation.

How You Can Unfollow Users Who Do Not Follow You Back on Instagram Using Combin

Combin unfollow instagram users

When talking about marketing, Instagram has a great leader among all social media networks. You can’t remove Instagram followers drastically you have to use third party apps for this. If you will remove the users who do not follow back with the Instagram app by checking the users then it will take too much time. One of the best apps is Combin. With this app, you can do this process in a few seconds. With the help of this app, you can grow and manage your  Instagram account. This app offers great features through which you can manage your Instagram account. One of the best features is that you can unfollow those accounts which do not follow us.

Combin is used as a desktop application like Window, Linux and MacOs. Now question is that this app is free or paid. The app is free for some limitations. You can manage one Instagram account with certain limitations. If you want more features or you look something else then you have to take the paid plan for that. Personal and business for both the plans are different. For personal use, the plans start at $10/month and for business $30/month. With this app, you can also check the real followers.


  1. Install and launch the Combin app and log in the app with Instagram. Then on the left side, you have to select the “Users” tab.

Combin app


  1. A new tab will open. Select the “Not Followers” tab.

unfollow instagram followers using Combin app


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  1. Then a list of users will open. You can select users one by one or you can select all. If you want to select all users then at the bottom tap on the “Select All” button.

Combin unfollow followers


  1. Now to unfollow the people who do not follow back you have to click on the “Unfollow” button.

unfollow instagran users

How You Can Use AirPods With PS4

How You Can Use AirPods With PS4

Many people ask this question that can we use our AirPods with PS4. Then answer is YES, you can use your AirPods with PS4 but with some extra efforts. Because PS4 doesn’t allow to use third-party headphones.

You can use AirPods with PS4 with the following steps:-


You have to require a Computer with a 3.5 mm mic-in jack, an Aux Cable and AirPods.

  1. By using the HDMI you have to connect the console to your TV. On the back of your TV, you will find the port. You have to connect the other end to the PS4 HDMI port.


  1. On the back of your TV, we’ll connect the Aux cable to the 3.5mm port. You will see the headphones sign over it.


  1. Take the AUX and you have to connect its one end to the TV and other ends to the Computer.

You have to set up the computer to route the audio coming from the mic port to the AirPods.

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  1. On your computer open the control panel and select the “Hardware and Sound” option.

  1. A new window will open. To open the settings select on the “Sound” option. This will show you all the devices connected to the computer including the mic we just set up.


  1. Move to the “Recording” tab and you have to check that the Aux cable is connected to the mic out port on the computer.
  2. On the external mic option in the list right click and to open the properties window click on it.

  1. Now select the “Listen” tab and tick the “Listen to this device” option. Your computer would play the sound which takes from the mic port and plays on the default audio output.

  1. Now you have to connect your AirPods to the Computer and you can play the games.


You have to require to connect this a pair of Wireless headphones and a Bluetooth Dongle compatible with PS4.

  1. With an HDMI cable connect your TV and PS4.
  2. Using the USB port on the PS4 connect the dongle to the TV.
  3. By pressing and holding the button on the dongle put it on the pairing mode.
  4. By pressing and holding the button put your AirPods in pairing mode.

  1. Now your dongle and AirPods are connected to each other and from the PS4 you can start listening to the audio.

Ways You Can Do Password Protect PDF on Mac


PDF is mostly used for publishing a document. Sometimes we need to encrypt our document so for this you don’t need to buy password protection. In a Mac, you can protect your password at free of cost. You don’t need to pay anything for this.

Here we will discuss the ways to password protect PDF on Mac:-


  1. Find and start the PDF document on your system using the default app “Preview”. We need to open the file to set a password.



  1. On the menu bar tap on the “File” tab and from a list of options select the option “Export”.



  1. We have clicked the “Export” to view duplicate file saving options. The destination which you will choose the process saves the duplicating file.


  1. To give your file a passcode, tick the “Encrypt” option. This passcode is set for a new file, the old file is unprotected as well.




  1. Open the Pages of the file that you want to convert into a password protected PDF. On the menu bar select on the ‘File’ tab and from a list of options search for “Set Password” option.



  1. Tap on “Set Password” option and enter your new password. This will protect your “Pages” file with a passcode.

Set Password


  1. On the menu bar select the “File” tab and under the ‘Export’ tab click on the PDF option.

export file


  1. Now you have to export the file as PDF and tick the password box. The passcode which you will enter also save for your PDF file. If you want to set a separate password for PDF then click on the “Change passcode” option and set your new passcode. Your passcode will be changed for PDF file.

Change passcode



  1. In Adobe Acrobat Reader open your PDF file. You have to right click on PDF file and click on open with Adobe reader option.



  1. To view the options select the “Protect” option from the PDF editing menu on the right side of the window.

todas news

  1. To set a password for your PDF document click on the “Add” option. The free version is available only for the few countries in Window.


Try These Facebook Messenger Alternatives That Actually Work in 2019

Facebook Messenger Alternatives

Facebook is the most popular social media website which millions of people are used nowadays. The Facebook Messenger app offers you many features like play online games, share images, videos, stories, GIFs, and much more.

The Facebook Messenger app consumes too much battery because of this peoples uninstall this app from the phone. But no need to worry about this..

Here are the alternatives of Facebook Messenger alternatives that really work:

  1. FACEBOOK MESSENGER LITE:– Facebook Messenger Lite is a version of the Messenger app. The places where the internet speed is low those users are using this app. In this app, you will get free of unwanted features like Stories or online games from Facebook Messenger. If you have installed Facebook Messenger Lite then this is the best alternative of Facebook Messenger.

facebook messenger


The Facebook Messenger Lite app provides you the features like sending & receiving messages, stickers, sharing photos & links, etc. In this app, you can’t share stories, video chat or any bot. If you are comfortable with this then this is the best alternative of Facebook Messenger.

  1. DISA:- Disa is a multi-messenger services app. In this app, you will get all the messaging services in a single roof. The services managed through a third-party open source plugin. when you have installed the app you will add Facebook Messenger as a plugin. After that, you have to login Facebook by using your credentials.

alternatives to facebook messenger

In this app, you can’t receive or send messages to your friends. You can send only photos & videos. Also, you can’t receive calls with this app. By adding Facebook you can also add Telegram account in this app.

  1. TRILLIAN:- Trillian is also a multi-messaging app through which you can also manage multiple services in a single place. This app supports Facebook, Telegram, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo, etc services. When you have installed this app you have to create an in-house Trillian account to log in the other services. In this, you can’t send GIFs, stickers or make calls.

facebook messanger alternative apps


  1. FRIENDLY:- In a friendly app, you can use both Facebook and Messenger in a single roof. After installing the app login to with Facebook then you will see the news feed directly. By adding the Messenger you can do like send and receive messages, share images, videos, emojis, stickers, and more. You can also add other services like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

alternative apps to facebook messsanger

How You Can Program NFC Tags

NFC Tags

The first question arises in mind that what is NFC? NFC is Near Field Communication which is used to transfer the data between two devices. The data is anything like photos, videos, files, or make a payment all you can do with NFC.

Not all phones have NFC. You can check near the battery of the phone. If in your battery you will see “Near Field Communication” then you can use it otherwise not. For this you have to need NFC tags, NFC enables smartphones and the apps to program for example trigger.

Now we will discuss how you can program NFC tags:


There are so many applications in the play store through which you can program NFC tags. In this article, we will use the “Trigger” app you can use any app of your choice. Trigger apps work in two parts one is “Trigger” and other is “Actions”. Follow the following steps to program the NFC tags:-


  1. From the play store download and install the Trigger App.

trigger task launcher



  1. After installing the app, you have to create a task. At the bottom right move to the “My Task” and click on the “small plus icon”.

trigger app


  1. Then a new window will open click on the “NFC” as a trigger.

NFC Tags Triiger app


  1. To Configure the NFC task then click on “Next”.


  1. After that, a new window will open where you can set the restrictions like date, time, Wi-Fi, etc. If you don’t want to set any restrictions then click on “NFC” and select the “Done” option.



  1. When your phone becomes in contact with NFC tag then you have to choose the action which you want to perform. Then click on the “Next” option.

tags nfc



  1. Now a new window will open and you will see the different options like Wireless & Networks, Bluetooth, Display, Social Media, Application, etc.

app trigger dashboard


  1. Then you have to check the options and disable the Wireless & Networks, GPS, Bluetooth. In open Applications option, you have to select the “Goqii”. In speech text write “Remember to stay hydrated”. When all done click on the “Next” option and write your task name and select on “Next“.

trigger apps


  1. Then, choose the switch task that will get a Triggered in the morning. The process is the same as you have done before. On the top click on the plus icon and replicate the following actions. Let’s name it ‘Morning Mode’.

trigger app


  1. A new window will open. You have to enable the WiFi On/Off,

GPS On/Off and Bluetooth On/Off. Open the application “Fitvate”. In a speak text, you can write “Remember pre-workout meal”.



When you are done with all the changes then click on the “Add tasks” and write the name of task like”Morning mode” and click on done. You can write any name according to your choice.


  1. Take the NFC tag near the back of your phone. All the data will get written on the tags immediately.

nfc tag near back

Try these SwiftKey Alternatives for Android and iOS (2019)

SwiftKey Alternatives for Android and iOS

For both Android and iOS SwiftKey has been one of the most famous third-party keyboards. This keyboard offers you many features like swipe typing, AI-powered predictions, cloud storage, autocorrect, bilingual typing, emojis, customization, and much more.

There are also so many options of third-party keyboards if you want to try new one instead of Swift Key.

Here are the top Swiftkey alternatives for both Android and iOS:-

  1. Gboard- Gboard keyboard is for both Android and iOS and it is from Google. This keyboard provides you all the features which you expect from a keyboard like GIFs, emojis, and Glide Typing, and much more.

SwiftKey Alternatives Android


Gboard also gives you an option of search results so you can easily search the results in one step. Like Swift key keyboard Gboard also provides you suggestions of which you are typed before or you can also predict the sentence. You can also search for GIF and emoji which you want that sounds so cool. This keyboard also supports over 300 languages.


  1. Fleksy:- Flexsy is one of the most popular keyboards for Android users. This keyboard gives you features like swipe and gesture controls, web search, GIF and meme support, themes, extensions, and much more.



In Flexsy keyboard one feature is very cool i.e. “Auto Word learning” and it’s better than the Swiftkey word predictions. This keyboard is also very famous for “Extensions”.


  1. TouchPal Keyboard:- TouchPal keyboard is the best alternative of Swift Keyboard. This keyboard offers you many features like powerful error correction, contextual predictions, and gesture or swipe typing dubbed TouchPal Curve and much more.

TouchPal Keyboard


The TouchPal keyboard also offers “mixed language input” or bilingual typing. With this keyboard, you can also create GIF emoticons with your photos, and much more.


  1. FancyKey Keyboard:- If you want to customize your keyboard completely then this is the best alternative of Swift Keyboard. FancyKey Keyboard offers so many themes which you can get from the theme store. This keyboard gives you features like swipe/gesture typing, emoji & emoticon keyboard and much more. It supports bilingual typing and only 30+ languages. With the various themes you can customize your keyboard with key shape, color, background, shadow, sound, typing effect, font, etc.

FancyKey Keyboard


  1. Grammarly:-Sometimes we need the messages, emails, and documents error-free, then this keyboard is the best option you can use. Grammarly also offers you emojis but it doesn’t give you gesture, slide typing like in Swift keyboard. But this keyboard is used to improve your skills and assist you to understand your mistakes.


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  1. GoKeyboard:- GoKeyboard is very easy to use. This keyboard is a very simple design which you can easy to handle. This keyboard offers you 1000 different themes, emojis, GIFs, fonts, and much more.



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