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“Experience is the name we give to our mistakes.”- Oscar Wilde

It’s not bad to fall flat or to jump in a puddle knowing that it will ruin. Because the more we make mistakes the better we learn and more consciously we follow. As per the human physic, people don’t learn until they fail. Though, this while learning and the falling relationship go hand in hand since years. But as the time is shooting so fast bringing new trends and techniques and introducing innovations at every corner, its time you buckle up with the best and potentially strong tips.

If you get to learn some advice from experienced experts, it’s not wrong to follow them to save yourself from getting lagged behind. You must look for tips that can guide you and with which you can avoid many failures. So, here is a list of most common mistakes that you must avoid making while creating an explainer video. Read on!

Don’t Drag

The explainer videos last from 60-90 seconds and in this duration, you have to summarize the big meanings and rich messages. You must incorporate valuable information and organize it in a way that your customers get attracted to your entity. Not only this should they feel satisfied to count on your services. You must add precise information with appropriate problem solving to connect with your readers.

Don’t Keep Your Target Audience at Bay

Your customers are your most important point of focus. If you fail to engage them you fail to create a successful video. Therefore, you must find ways through which you can take a step closer to them. Keep this animation home looking for valued customers to find the real source of information? There are many animators who keep their customers at bay and ignore their true significance. You need to focus on the needs and demands of your viewers first and then to generate your desired marketing goals.

Give Value to Good Script

The real essence needed to create an appealing animated video is to compose a high-quality script. You have to sketch a captivating plot, which can summarize the true meaning of your messages. You have to enter the entire procedure and explain the process in a way that it sounds compelling. You should look for the right selection of words for your videos.

Focus on Video Quality

In order to create videos that can get viral instantly, you have to focus on the quality of your videos. You have to make sure you have used the best quality tools and software to create the most compelling videos. Do not stuff your animation with too tricky graphics. Keep things simple. You can add interesting elements and focus on adding a realistic touch to your animation. A high quality animated video is the one that has characters close to reality. From expressions to gestures everything looks real.

Focusing on features

It’s tough to make a 90 seconds video engaging, captivating and a marketing asset-backed with an amazing sales pitch. Experts of animation home make sure that each one of the videos shows a distinctive touch and possess a unique set of features. You can seek real-life references and produce most realistic videos having appropriate information and a touch of professionalism.

Among the prominent features of your video, some of them include fresh content, targeted approach, simple interface, appropriate call-to-action and a glimpse of brand identity.

Be Cheerful and Sound Fresh

Your explainer video must be able to delight the viewers. Many animators, when trying to show a professional image, add a too serious tone and voice in the video. They devoid their videos with feeling and emotions. You should not do that. You must establish a strong emotional bond among your viewers. Your viewers must be able to count on you and get a step closer to your entity. Those 60 seconds are your chance to convert over millions of viewers into potential leads. The animated video gets viral in no time to make it worth it completely.

Wrapping Up

You must seek inspiration forms the leading experts and ponder on the techniques they use to captivate their viewers


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