build box

Daily reward build box, a ten-step guide on how to add this feature to your game.

  1. Open your world UI
  2. Drag N Drop a .png image of your choice. Drag into build box as an action – immediately Delete it from UI.
  3.  Click on the action on the left bar *Right Side -(A) – Replace Name.
  4. Right Side – Change Action Type From none to coin
  5. *Right Side – Change how many coins will be used to determine how many coins for the button.
  6. Go back to the overview of UI.
  7. Click the UI where you want button t sit.
  8. Drag button you want into the screen and set as an action.
  9. Set refill time (on the right side) 1440 = 24 hours / 720 = 12 hours.
  10. Now change the action to the png you set as coin previously in Video

Now you got a Working Daily Reward.

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