The best android apps of 2019

best android apps 2019

App developers are trying to develop and enhance our smartphone and tablet experiences. In particular, so many Android apps come out every day that it’s difficult to keep a record of them all.  It is difficult to find the best android apps from millions of apps.

Here we have searched the best android apps 2019 which you can use:-


  1. OMNIA MUSIC PLAYER:- Omnia Music Player is an offline music player. You can listen to songs offline. This app gives you features like gapless play, gestures, and album arts. It also gives you 10-band equalizer and Google Voice command support. If you want a music player with offline songs, try this you will love it.

The only disadvantage is that it scans your songs by default. Like your WhatsApp recordings, your phone songs, etc. Otherwise, it’s the best app to use.


  1. SPARK EMAIL:– If you want to change your default Email app, then Spark Email app is best. This app gives you specialties like Smart Inbox, the ability to snooze emails, scheduling and more. The best part is that you can also combine multiple signatures to an email account and switch between them while composing the email.


  1. ZOHO SHOW:-It is a presentation app. It works like Google slides or Powerpoint slides. You can prepare a presentation and edit them. This app gives you many features like transition animations, image filters, and other customization options.


  1. RISE:- It is a health and fitness related app. Rise is a sleep control app that includes techniques to help you sleep better. The techniques include mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation and more. It also records sleeping progress.


  1. SCRIBBLE:- This app makes your Instagram stories more interesting and you can draw animations also. If you are on Instagram, then this is the best app for you.

SCRIBBLE android app

  1. LIGHTBEAM:- It is a screen sharing app. If your friend has a Lightbeam app you can share your screen with him. Your friend can see your screen and you can also see your friend screen. It is best for work environments.

LIGHTBEAM best android app

  1. BATTERY NOTCH:- If you want to put a notch on your smartphone, then this battery notch is the best app for you. You can use the notch as a battery pointer. You have to choose the shape of the notch, the battery notch cannot choose itself. If you want to hide the system battery indicator, you can also hide this.

BATTERY NOTCH android app

  1. NETFLIX:- It provides you video- streaming services. You will find a huge collection of videos and movies on Netflix. You can watch these videos according to your choice. You can get this app around $9.99 per month.


  1. NYTIMES:- This is one of the best news apps. You can customize their newsfeed. This app manages the publication contents in a proper format.NYTIMES app
  1. DOWNLOAD NAVI:- This is one of the download manager apps for android users. It gives you all the downloads on the home screen. If you want to download something, on just one tap you can download. You can also pause and play the download in which way you want. You have to just copy the link, open the app and add a link. then you have no worries.



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