The dominance of Android operating system on the other operating systems is mainly because of multiple and endless possibilities of system customization offered to all of the users. Android launchers are known to be the most customizable parts of this system. Even the networks are not operatable without a launcher.

The systems become unusable because it works, including your home screen along with the catalog of all applications that are available on the smartphone. It provides smooth work on the device and also allows customization the way users want.

There are a whole bunch of third-party launchers that replace the default launcher of any smartphone. Comparing to the default launchers of any android device, third-party launchers have way more options to materialize. Plenty of options are there that come to the users, and they can use those options just the way they want.

One can quickly turn their smartphone to an iPhone, and they are not even paying for that. It is useful with a lot of options, and one can experience variations with the operating system without spending a single penny on the process. Many Android App Development Company develops many launchers every year.

These launchers have become smarter, and these are getting packed with some useful features in it from the past few years. However, the time, you are going to find out a launcher for your smartphone from the Play store, you will surely get stuck with a lot of launchers, which are available there.

Even most of them can seem to be not useful according to the needs you have. In order to make the experience much easier and help you find out the best launcher for your device, here is a listing of some popular launchers that have been chosen by a maximum number of users.

1. Nova launcher:- This is one of the most demanding launchers in this android market. A large number of people prefer this launcher for their smartphone. It contains a smooth pitcher that lets you use this application for a long time. Those who want to use a single launcher for years they can choose this without any worry.
It works fast, efficiently, and also it’s a light application that never occupies much space of the device. To change the look and feel, in the Play store, icon packs are available. It allows dock customizations, notification badges.

There is also an option that displays frequently used applications as a top line of the application drawer, folder, icon customizations, along with a dozen gestures, and so on. Apart from these features, in this launcher, there is also support for application shortcuts, and this can be found only in android nougat.

With this launcher, users get plenty of options to try in their device, and this is the main reason people choose this launcher for their Android smartphone.

2. Evie launcher:– This is a launcher that has been designed for the best performance and known to be one of the quickest Android launchers available in the android market. It has a universal search function, and it allows users to search out the application from a particular place.

Even in this launcher, there is a wide range of home screen that helps to make shortcuts and customizations. In short, it enables you to customize the drawer of your applications and the folder grid. You can easily find and download this launcher from the Play store and enjoy the lightweight launcher’s speed and simplicity.
Though you are not supposed to get a lot of gestures in this application, and this is a disadvantage of this application.

3. Buzz launcher:- This launcher is one of the best epitomes launchers of customization in Android operating system. The features of this application are known to be the Homepack buzz. It helps in personalizing the home screen service with over 700,000 downloaded and has been shared by more than thousands of its users.

It comes with an integrated application locking device along with a RAM cleaner, and because of these, you do not have to install additional applications to complete the processes. However, there are many gestures available, and with them, you are allowed to get access to a lot of shortcuts with just a simple swipe on the home screen of your device.

In this application, you get an additional feature that is called Screen effects, and it is similar to the live wallpaper application. But, instead of changing the wallpaper, it overlays the wallpaper with effects of some animation. No one will ever feel bored or tired of hacking all of the customizations that are available on this application.

4. Apex launcher:- This launcher is visually stunning with thousands of themes and icon packs, which can be downloaded from the Play store. It is a lightweight launcher especially optimized to run on the smartphones and tablets. Users are allowed to 9 customizable home screens and hide the application in the application drawer.

It helps sorting applications within the application drawer that is generally based on the title, date of installation, or can also depend on the frequency. If you purchase the pro version, then that will help to unlock more gesture options along with some powerful application drawer customizations and other features.

5. Smart launcher 5:- The previous version of the smart launcher was not that user-oriented. But, the new smart launcher 5 is a lightweight and fast processing android launcher. This application claims to use the AI to search for the applications, contacts, and other web contents.
The drawer of the application generally contains a sidebar that helps to divide the applications according to that category. On the time of installation process, it asks you for the default applications, which you are already using and also in this way, you will not be bothered with the pop-ups that can appear on the screen later.

This launcher has a smart stop feature that helps to turn off the screen on the time of switching on of the device. However, gestural support is present, and it is limited. The time, you are purchasing the pro version of this launcher, you will get many gestures unlocked.


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