Smartphones are now come with an excellent camera, but it’s challenging to decide which camera phone to buy? We have examined the camera of all phones with all conditions.

Here we have selected the best camera phones which you can purchase:


  1. HUAWEI P30 PRO:– Huawei P30 Pro is the best camera phone to buy. Its camera has superior low-light photography, incredible zoom capabilities, and powerful specs. This smartphone has a versatile camera. Its rear side has four lenses, and also one of the lenses is ToF sensor. This phone also has an ultra-wide lens. Its battery life is impressive and even best in reverse wireless charging. Huwaei P30 Pro does not use standard RGB (Red Green Blue Sensor) but used RYYB ( Red Yellow Yellow Blue) sensor to capture light. It is one of the best camera phones to buy.

2. GOOGLE PIXEL 3:- This is also one of the best camera phones with low light. This phone offers better colors as compared to Huawei P30 Pro. This phone is a slick version of Android. On its back, it has only one lens, but the image results are marvelous. This phone has a night mode feature which gives excellent image quality. It means that it is the best camera phone you can buy.


3. HONOR VIEW 20:- If you want a mid-range phone with the best camera, this is the best option to buy. It has a good battery life and a fast charging. The camera gives you amazing results. At its native resolution, you can snap stills. In this smartphone, no wireless charging is available and no in-screen fingerprint sensor.

4. SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 PLUS:- Samsung S10 plus has a large display with an amazing camera even in low light. It has 123-degree ultra-wide lens on the back of the trio of phones. No HDR video recording is available. In this phone, you can find the Live Focus mode that hides the background in grayscale.

5. IPHONE 8 PLUS:- If you want to shoot front facing this is the best option to buy. iPhone 8 plus is a best for those who wish to take front-facing selfies. It has 7 MP of the front camera, but it can make the best shots. It is easy to use, but a little expensive. In this phone, there are so many features like Animoji and panoramic shots for you.

6. SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9:- This smartphone offers you a superb camera even in low light. This phone provides you so many features like it sets the white balance and color based on 20 subjects as varied as sunsets, flowers, food, birds, text, and so forth. It is expensive, not built for everyone. In this Samsung galaxy note 9, you will find an S pen with the handset.

7. ONEPLUS 6T:- It is a mid-range camera with the best camera you can buy. This phone has the best night mode. Due to its new Studio Lighting and an industry-leading camera sensor this phone gives you the excellent image quality. It is one of the best camera phones to buy. This phone has a feature to adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast to create the perfect image.


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