We are living in an advanced world of smartphones and gadgets. In the present era, technology has made everything almost possible and easily accessible plus cheaper. With rigorous evolution in the world of technology, usage of the Internet is becoming less expensive than food nowadays. Thus, we can watch or stream movies online. And the best part is that there are many sites that offer privileges of streaming or watching movies online for free.

Here’s a list of the ten popular sites where you can easily and legally watch movies for free:

  1. YouTube – It is an all-time favorite site that offers you to watch all the new and old movies without charging even a penny. All you need to have is an Internet connection and a cup of strong coffee with popcorn for adding flavor to your pass time.

watch movie online on youtube

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    1. Tubi – This site offers all the latest movies without any cost. Its apps support various platforms like Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and many more.

tubi tv watch movie for free

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  1. Vudu – If you love to watch ongoing streaming movies, then this site is the right choice to satisfy your needs. Indeed it is a free site for the film, but it shows ad-supported movies and paid offerings on other platforms. It had both paid and unpaid options for watching movies, depending on your choice.

watch free movies on vudu

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  1. Sony Crackle – The services on this site is provided by a big studio. Thus, the user is able to watch thousands of high-quality original content movies as well as animation movies in a carefree manner without any hassle of paying charges.

sony crackle

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  1. Popcornflix –It is a worldwide available free site having no restrictions. This site is ideal because it is swift and provides a high-quality streaming service with a lovely collection of movies even at the lowest Internet speed.


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  1. Viewster – The anime lovers would love this site. In fact, this site is brimmed with a vast collection of animated movies with high-quality streaming.


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  1. Top Documentary Films – If you are interested in watching documentary movies related to different topics such as art, nature, mystery, sexuality, politics and so on, then it’s your cup of coffee. There is a vast collection of documentary movies that can be enjoyed for free.

watch documentary films online

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  1. Free Movies Cinema – This worldwide available site is well known for its indie and short movies. If you have a craze for short movies, then this is the right site to surf as it streams the latest studio movies. Also, it covers a wide range of genre which includes western, zombie flix, war, SciFi, and a lot more.

Watch Free Movies Cinema

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  1. Hotstar – This is a platform which offers all types of Bollywood movies and Indian television shows with both the options of the paid and unpaid process.

hotstar watch free movies

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  1. SonyLiv – This site allows the user to watch almost every Indian Bollywood movies along with Telugu and Tamil movies with both paid and unpaid options.

watch tv shows and movies sonylive

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Thus, what are you waiting for? Open your Internet connection and go to the site of your choice to watch your favorite movies online for Free.


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