A tripod is the oldest and simplest tools which you can use in photography. A good tripod requires proper height, strength, and sturdiness. In many situations, you need a Tripod. If you are outside and you want to shoot a video, and you want to hold the camera for 30seconds, with the help of tripod you can do this. There are so many tripods available in the market, but choosing the best tripod is tricky.

Here, we will show you some best tripods which you can buy:

1. NOVA EXPLORA T5:- Nova Explora T5 is a kind of carbon fibre tripod. This tripod also uses as a Monopod. In this tripod, there is no pivot facility for the center column, but it’s one leg can be unscrewed, and you can use it as a center column called Monopod. This tripod has lighter weights around 1.46 kg and has a maximum load rating of 10kg for both legs and head. This tripod has four sections per leg and three locking leg angles. The cost of this tripod is around $197. The quality and performance of this tripod are impressive, which makes this tripod is the best tripod to buy.

2. MANFROTTO 055CXPRO3:– Manfrotto 055cxpro3 is a solid and stable tripod which also made of carbon fibre. The weight of this tripod is 2.54 kg. In this tripod, there is no detachable leg to use as a Monopod. This tripod is available a kind of 055 legs available in both aluminum and carbon fibre options and with both three or four sections per leg. This tripod is lightweight and affordable to use as its legs do not swing. The cost of this tripod is around $185.

3. MANFROTTO 190XPRO4:- Manfrotto 190 series are categorized into two categories 190 and 190go. This tripod is made up of Aluminium material. In the latest version, the 90-degree pivot facility is faster and easier to work. The four-way, multi-angle leg lock system is also recovered, and the new locking levers for the leg sections has an innovative design that allows you to push one side of the lever or pull the other to free them. This tripod also rotates freely to capture new angles. The weight of this tripod is 2.6 kg.

4. MEFOTO GLOBETROTTER:– MeFoto GlobeRotter tripod is made up of aluminum. The weight of this tripod is around 2.10 kg, and the maximum loads of head and legs are 12 kg. You can operate this tripod at the height of 167 cm because of its five-section legs, but there is no pivot facility for center column and only two lockable leg angles. The cost of this tripod is around $220.


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