Call of Duty Mobile is the latest addition to the roster of battle royale games. The game gives you all the famous gaming modes, including battle royale, deathmatch, and much more. This game is open to playing in Australia, Canada, and Peru, etc. It means you are anywhere in the world, including India, you can play this game others won’t. 

Here, we will tell you how to play Call of Duty Mobile in India or any other country right now:

Call of Duty Mobile in India:

For play call of duty in India, first, we have to install the VPN which permits you to connect to Call of Duty’s Australia server. Then from the play store, we install the third-party app, which allows playing the game. Let us discuss below:

  1. On your mobile, open the play store and install and download the UFO VPN app. This app has a premium version which takes money; using the free model of the app, you can play the game but more on that later.

2. Now, visit the site and download and install the app on your device. This app is the third-party alternative of play store. You have to grants permission when you install this third-party app. 

3. The purpose we install the game from the third party app is that because it enables the game to get regular updates without any problem. You can also install the APK from the APK website then you won’t receive any updates from the game.

4. When you installed the app, then you have to search the Call on duty mobile on it. You will see the different version of the game. You have to click the try button game and install that game. 

5. Now the game and VPN are installed on your device; you can play the game. Open the “UFO VPN” and click on the “Use Free With Ads” button. If you can pay the cost f premium version, then you can click on the subscribe button to avail the premium services. The cost of the premium version is ~4.34 USD(₹310/week). I am using the free version now, so that’s why I have selected this option. 

6. Select the “Choose location” option. Then it provides you a server option for “Call of Duty Mobile.” Click on that option.

7. Now select the “CODM Australia” option. Now you will observe a screen which asks you for subscribing the premium version or watch a video for free. You can select the premium version if you want to pay otherwise watch a video and use as a free version. 

8. The video mostly is about 5 to 10 seconds. When you completed the video, then you will earn 10 to 25 minutes of free usage. In a day, you can watch 10 videos. So you earn more minutes in a day to play the game. 

This is all about. Now you can play the Call on duty mobile Australia servers. You have to open the game, and you can enjoy the game. 


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