Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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You will definitely find what you need here on our how to tech section. Knowing that When It’s Tech is about making the best of tech. The tech team will make a tremendous effort to find.

How You Can Remotely Manage Your Mac Using Your iPhone

The ability to control your Mac using your iPhone is quite exciting. Think, you are in your friend house and you can control your Mac using your iPhone in your friend's...

How You Can Program NFC Tags

The first question arises in mind that what is NFC? NFC is Near Field Communication which is used to transfer the data between two devices. The data is anything like photos,...

How You Can Remove Saved Login Info On Instagram iOS App

Instagram is a social networking app which millions of users are used nowadays. But if you have multiple Instagram accounts or a single account and you need to log out of...

How To Use Phone Camera as Web Camera For PC And Mac

We all use the Webcam for random video calls, meetings or for interviews. What will you do if you have no Webcam or your Webcam not running? How you will use...
Newspaper Theme

Editing WordPress white background Newspaper Theme into color

This is a walkthrough on how to change the boring white middle background color on your Wordpress website. This is the newspaper theme, using the backend custom code, where you can...
How To Install Kodi on Chromebook in 2019

How To Install Kodi on Chromebook in 2019

If you’re a big follower of streaming, then Kodi is the best application you need to install on your device. From this application, you can access and manages all your media...
download youtube videos for free

How You Can Download Youtube Videos For Free

Youtube allows you to watch the videos. But many people want to download the youtube videos for future use so they can watch that video without the internet connection. There are...
How To Right Click Using Keyboard on Mac

How To Right Click Using Keyboard on Mac

The right-click target in Mac OS X has many key uses, mainly if you want to interact with files and menus. Pressing the right-click button on a mouse usually opens up...
speed up windows 10

How You Can Speed up Windows 10 in 2019

Windows 10 is the most popular OS nowadays. It replaced the window 7 and became the favorite desktop OS. Windows 10 is quite fast and responsive as compared to old Windows...
Lock File Windows 10

How You Can Lock a File Or Folder in Windows 10

Mostly all the smartphones come with fingerprint scanners and app lockers. But still, in computers and laptops, this thing is missing. If you want to lock your file or folder in...