Google launched Android Q in March 2019. In this question arises that how you can change the font style and icon size. Yes, you can change the style and size.

In this article we will discuss how to change the font style and icon size in Android Q:


  1. On your Android mobile, open the “System settings” option. You can also open the system settings by the notification panel.


  1. You will see several options. At the bottom select the “About phone” option to enable the “Developer option”.


  1. A new tab will open. Select the “Build Number” 5 times to enable Developer Options.


  1. When the “Developer option” enabled then click on the “System” option.


  1. When you click on system option then a new window will open. Tap on the “Advanced” option.


  1. Then at the bottom, you will find the ” Developer option”. Open the “Developer option” and in a new window select “Developer Options Menu”.


  1. Several options will open. At the bottom click on “Theming” option. Then you will see “Headline/Body font“ option. Click on that option.


  1. In the “Headline/Body font” option, you will see 2 options. The one is by default that the font you are using. The other option is “Not Serif/Source Sans Pro”. To set the font style click on another option.


  1. “Not Serif/Source Sans Pro” font option not applicable for third-party apps. The font style is applicable for only the notification drawer and Settings menu.



  1. Open the System settings and click on the “Developer options”. You will find “Theming” option. Then click on the “Icon Shape” option.


  1. After selecting the “Icon Shape” option you will see the shapes of the icon which you want to choose. We choose “Teardrop” as an example. You can choose any shape.


  1. Now your icons and notification bar is changed in the form of “Teardrop” shape.


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