How You Can Completely Delete Your Truecaller Account

Delete Truecaller Account

Truecaller is a service that can prove who is calling you even they are not in your phonebook before you select a call from an unknown number. It also helps to block calls and spams from spammers.


  1. On your smartphone open the Truecaller app and see the settings option. Then a new window will open at the bottom click on the privacy center option.

how to delete trucaller account


  1. Now, click on the “Deactivate” option. Then Truecaller asks for reconfirmation, click on “Yes” to confirm.

Deactivate truecaller account


Your account will be deleted from the Truecaller but users can also search you from the number.

If you want no one can search you from your number also. You have to unlist your number from the database. Check the following steps unlist the number from the database:

  1. Open the Truecaller app on the web browser and select the country. Now enter your phone number with country code and you have to validate the captcha which given to you. Now select the option “Unlist Phone Number”. Truecaller will take 24 hours to delete your number from the database.

truecaller app


How You Can Stop Spam Calls And Messages Without Sacrificing Privacy:

Now if you have deleted Truecaller account and you want to make your number private. If you need to stop spam calls and messages without sacrificing your privacy. You can do the following steps to maintain your privacy.

  1. On the top right corner click on the 3-dot menu to activate spam call filtering and open the settings option.


3-dot menu


  1. A new window will open, open the caller ID option and enables both the “Caller ID & spam” and “Filter spam calls” options.


If you want to stop spam text messages, you can use the SMS Organizer app which automatically puts all the spam messages under a separate section. If you have received any spam message you will not get any notification for that.


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