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This is a walkthrough on how to change the boring white middle background color on your WordPress website. This is the newspaper theme, using the backend custom code, where you can locate a place to add your own custom CSS code.

I’ve seen many people have trouble finding out how to implement this white into a different color, This video will show the basics, along with providing you the custom CSS code to add your own personal color.

The hex code is recommended use for this, You may also find a way to add another color code like (RGB) please comment or shoot me an email and I’ll provide details on how to do go about this process.

Step 1. Go to the website you are trying to edit the white middle background out. (Log in)

Step 2. Head to the Theme Panel which can be located in the backend.

Step 3. Locate / Scroll down till you see Custom Code on the left side.

Step 4. Click the drop-down menu on Custom CSS code.

Step 5. Enter this line of code below on the proper lines.

  1. .td-main-page-wrap {
  2. background-color:#033b59;
  3. } *** Within this code, Line
  4. After the # is the CSS code for the color. Insert your own HEX color code to change the corresponding white background to the color you want. 1. .td-main-page-wrap { 2. background-color:#(INSERT HERE); 3. } As if your loss, look where it says insert here.

Thank you, I hope this has helped you out. The main overview of apps Checks them out! (*Leave some Feedback ((Smiley Face)) on the apps or video)


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