How You Can Enable Touch ID And Face ID On WhatsApp

Enable Touch ID And Face ID On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a great messaging app which millions of people are used nowadays. In a WhatsApp, the conversation which you have done is the end to end encryption.  Anyone can see your private texts and conversations. So WhatsApp updating its feature that you can enable touch id and face id on WhatsApp.


HOW YOU CAN ENABLE THE TOUCH ID AND FACE ID ON WHATSAPP:- Here you can enable the touch id and face id on WhatsApp:-

  1. Open the WhatsApp on your Apple app store and update the WhatsApp to the latest version. With the old version of WhatsApp, this features doesn’t work. The current version of WhatsApp is 2.19.20.

Enable Touch ID And Face ID On WhatsApp

how to Enable Touch ID On WhatsApp



  1. Now on your iPhone open WhatsApp and click on the settings. Now select the “Account” option.

how to Enable Face ID On WhatsApp



  1. In the “Account “ option to open the privacy setting click on the “Privacy” option. A list of option will open. Click on the “Screen Lock” option.

privacy touch id or face id

Enable Touch ID On WhatsApp


  1. Depending on your iPhone type, you’ll see various options, On iPhone 5s and above models Touch ID works and above and Face ID is accessible for iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR. You can enable these options by sliding the toggle
  1. After enabling your WhatsApp is now secured with Touch ID and Face ID. Now select the option according to your convenience as shown below.

 Touch ID On WhatsAppEnable Face ID On WhatsApp

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  1. Now if you want to see your Touch ID and Face ID. Then close your WhatsApp and reopen again. Sometimes WhatsApp asks for authentication. The Face Id and Passcode requires permissions in some iPhone models. You have to go to settings, tap Face ID and Passcode and click other apps.

whatsapp touch idTouch ID On WhatsApp Locked



This is a simple and great method on WhatsApp for iPhone users. This feature secures your conversation. It will be happy if this feature also applicable to Gmails so that we can also secure our private emails using Touch ID and Face ID.


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