There is no irritating that Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. The ease of use and flexibility of customization makes it successful. You can also use some Android shortcuts to speed up your work. There are so many Android shortcuts.


 Here are excellent some Android shortcuts which you should know.


  1. TAKE SCREENSHOT INSTANTLY:- On all versions of Android the way to take a screenshot is press “Power and Volume Down buttons together.” When the Android pie was originated, Google makes it easier to take a screenshot. You have to long-press on the Power button and then click on the Screenshot option.

If you don’t want to use your hands for the screenshot, you can use Google Assistant. Just say Hello, Take a screenshot. Google Assistant does your screenshot.


  1. USE STATUS BAR TO OPEN CLOCK:-When you want to know the time of different location or you want to set or modify the alarm you have to extend the notifications screen and click on the current time to launch the Clock app. This option is excellent you don’t need to open the settings, and then you will change the clock settings.

  1. USE STATUS BAR TO OPEN BATTERY SETTINGS:- Like the clock settings, you can also access the battery settings from the status bar. You have to drag down the notification screen and click on the battery percentage. This option will open the page of battery percentage settings.

  1. INSTANTLY LAUNCH THE CAMERA:-Android gives you a shortcut to directly open the camera. Just double-tap the Power button twice to launch the camera app. If it doesn’t work, then enable this feature in settings. Move to the Settings option then tap on Display and Press Power Button Twice For Camera.


  1. MUTE QUICKLY:- If you want to mute your phone, you don’t need to go to the settings of your phone, then set the sound options. You can press power and volume buttons together to set the sound. If you want to mute your smartphone, then press and volume up key together to set the ringer.


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