Face Swap Apps to Make Your Photos Hilarious


As the camera technology upgrades in our smartphones, it brings modifications to the consumer apps, sometimes in the design of Face Swap apps. It is basically interchanging your face with another person in the picture and it mostly results in funny pictures but only if you do it best.

Let’s have a look of some of the best Face Swapping apps:-


  1. SNAPCHAT:- Snapchat is one of the largest social networks apps with around 250 millions of users use it daily. It gives you to face swap with someone else in your photo or video, or even from your camera record. Snapchat is free for both Android and iOS.


Snapchat is always attaching interesting filters which take over the internet pretty quickly. For capturing the photo or video you have to put your finger over the area of the screen where the face is placed until a number of various faces appear at the bottom of the screen. Find the Face Swap option and tap on its icon.


  1. FACE SWAP LIVE:- This app is free for Android and for iOS is free lite and paid around $0.99. Face swap live app does not only give you Swapping feature but you can also add cool photo filters to your selfies. You can also mix your face with any celebrity in a few seconds for the funny picture.


  1. FACE SWAP BOOTH:- This app is free for both Android and iOS. In this app, you can add many faces on a single face. You can swap faces to several photos, swap photos with celebrities or kids photos. There are more features also if you want to access all the features you have to take the premium version of this app.


  1. CUPACE:– Cupace is for Android users. It is a great and easy photo editor app in which you can select images from any pictures and paste it on the other pictures.

In this first you have to cut the face which face you want, then choose an image where you want to paste and last paste the image where you want to paste. The faces which you will cut automatically saved in the app and you can also use it for other images.


  1. MSQRD:– MSQRD app is free for both Android and iOS users. This app is taken by Facebook recently. This app is not just giving you the swapping feature but also you can use animation filters for your selfie images and videos. This app does not give you any ads while using.


  1. MIXBOOTH:– MixBooth app is free for both Android and iOS users. This app does not swap faces, rather it joins up two faces into one. You can add your photo and photo of your friends which you want to join. It automatically recognizes the faces and joins it up.


  1. SNOW:- This app is for iPhone users. Over around 250 million people used this app. In Snow app, you can take an entertaining video with live face filters and also you can send it to your friends. When you are on a video call and you send some funny stickers to your friend, it will automatically disappear after viewing.


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