Facts on Growing your Pinterest Followers

pinterest followers
  1. Don’t think of Pinterest as a social network

This is the first mistake most social media marketers make on Pinterest. Unlike with Facebook or Twitter, people don’t go to Pinterest to socialize with others, they use it to find things. They’re searching and browsing, discovering new things to try, etc., as if they’re using search engines.

  1. Use keywords in your Pinterest profile and content

So what does “treating Pinterest like a search engine” actually mean? Thankfully, it’s a lot simpler than dealing with Google. In fact, simply making an effort to research strategic keywords and use them in all parts of your Pinterest presence can provide big gains.

  1. Perform basic keyword research on Pinterest and Google

Just like with Google SEO, you don’t want to randomly select words to optimize your content around. You’ll want to make sure that you’re selecting keywords people are using, and create keyword lists.

  1. Brainstorm words your customers would use

In addition to conducting keyword research, it’s important to think about your own customers, clients, and target audience. Words and phrases may be popular on Pinterest or Google, but they’re not the way the people you’re looking for would describe things.

  1. Focus your content to get your pins noticed on Pinterest

For Rachel, honing in on her Pinterest content was important in finding the right audience for her business:

“Instead of trying to be everything to everyone, I focused on one specific topic. For my fitness business, this was helping women with eating a high-fat low carb and intermittent fasting instead of being just a general fitness pro.”

  1. Your Pinterest niche audience is more popular than you think

From its early days, Pinterest has had a reputation for being mainly about food, fashion, and makeup and mainly for women. But in reality that has never been the only content or people there. In fact, according to Pinterest, 50% of all new signups are men.

  1. Research what your Pinterest audience likes

Before creating new content for Pinterest, look at what your niche or audience has enjoyed most in the past. Researching viral pins or popular visual content trends can help you design pins that will attract and convert a new follower.

  1. Use infographic pins on Pinterest

Because infographics can easily convey information and are optimized for Pinterest’s feed, they’re a longtime favourite on Pinterest.

  1. Repurpose content as infographics for the Pinterest audience

Lots of brands think that they can’t succeed with Pinterest because they don’t have a lot of “pretty” content. But Pinterest is for more than that, and any of your existing content can be conveyed in a way that works on Pinterest.

  1. Curate pins from other users

One of the golden rules of social media is that not all of your content should be about you. On Pinterest, not all of your content should be created by you. Curation is an important way to engage.

  1. Optimize your visual content for Pinterest’s feed

When you are creating your own content for Pinterest and designing new images, keep Pinterest’s user interface in mind. Create images that are longer than their width to make the most of the real estate each individual pin can take up inside the feed, for example.

  1. Reuse your best pins

Like other social media channels, Pinterest moves fast, and content can be pushed out of the feed quickly. It’s important to reuse your best Pinterest content to resurface it in front of new audiences in the feed.

  1. Hashtag your pins with keywords

Using hashtags for the different keywords you’re targeting, the phrases users are searching for, is a great way to get started with them. They could help your pins get discovered through those searches.

  1. Focus on relevance over audience size to get qualified Pinterest followers

Pinterest specifically mentions that you can use up to 20 hashtags on a given pin. However, Pinterest hashtags are different than something like Instagram, where a lot of general hashtags are popular.

  1. Look at Pinterest’s suggested hashtags

Did you know Pinterest had suggested hashtags when you’re typing in pin descriptions?

Play with suggested hashtags in your pin descriptions to find relevant ones for your pins. These can also serve as using keywords to target with boards and other keyword optimization.

  1. Follow related accounts in your niche on Pinterest

There’s simply interacting and re-sharing others’ content on a regular basis. As people check out who are interacting with them, genuine interest will be noticed.

  1. Join group boards in your niche to get your pins noticed on Pinterest

One great community feature is group boards, where multiple people can collaborate to contribute pins around the same topic. Because the board is shared between their profiles and audiences, it can be a great way to get your profile and pins seen and grow your followers.

  1. Start your own group board to get Pinterest followers

If you want to go beyond using other people’s group boards to expand your audience, you can grow your following even further by starting your own. As you’re featured as the curator of the board, your visibility grows as it grows.

  1. Join Tailwind Tribes

The popular Pinterest marketing tool Tailwind has a great feature called Tailwind Tribes, which lets you join together with a group of other pinners to easily share and repin each other’s content.

  1. Include pins as images in your blog posts

When you’re creating content that will be promoted on Pinterest, you’ll want to create optimized images for them. But you can take it one step further.


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