Get Water out of iPhone Speakers Without Rice

Mostly all the newer iPhones are water resistant but you can’t get out water from the Apple there is no in-built way to do that. Yes, you know the famous way that put your phone in a rice bag for 24 hours. It absorbs the moisture. But this way is not completely successful. Now if you want to get your iPhone speakers out of the water without rice then follow these steps:-

According to Apple, the water resistance is not stable conditions and resistance might reduce as a result of normal wear.



  1. First, if you drop your phone in water or pool then you have to wipe the phone with a clean cloth. Keep in mind that do not charge your phone until your phone will completely dry.


  1. Now switch on your phone and you have to download the “Sonic App” from the app store.

Sonic App


  1. When your download is complete then keep your phone on a smooth surface and open the app.


  1. Now you have to set the frequency. You can set it between 100-200jz and tap on the play button.

play button


  1. Then you will notice that some drops of water are coming from the speaker, now run the app for a few seconds. Now with a clean cloth wipes the speaker grills. Repeat this process until you will not see any water coming from the speaker.


  1. Now when you play any video or audio you will see the muffled noise is gone.

If you have already installed the “Shortcut” app from the Apple then no need to install any third party app. Now see how this app will work:-


  1. If you haven’t already installed the “Shortcut” app then install and download the app from the app store. When your download is complete open the app and closes the app once.

iphone seaker shortcut app


  1. When you are done then you have to click on the shortcut link i.e. Water Eject on your iPhone. A new page will open. At the bottom of the page click on the ‘Get shortcut” link.


water eject iphone speaker

  1. Then a shortcut will install and in the settings page, you can customize it according to your choice. If you don’t want any customization then on the top right of the page click on “Done”.



  1. When your phone drops into the water simply open the shortcut and click on water eject and click on “Begin water Eject” at the bottom.

Begin water Eject from Iphone speaker

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