Mi Box S is the best way to convert a standard TV to an Android TV, and you can get to play games, install Android apps, watch Netflix and YouTube, etc. We have tested a lot of gadgets to record the screen. But there is no such gadget or option available to record the screen in Mi Box.

After research of many gadgets and trials, now I discovered an easy and creative way to record screen on Mi box S. Let us discuss below:


We are using here is Teamviewer. This is the app to teach others who don’t know about technology. With the help of the Teamviewer, you can operate another computer, and you can explain what they want. This Teamviewer also helps us to navigate the TV. 

First, you have to download and install the Teamviewer on your Windows computer and Mi Box S. You can install Teamviewer on Mi Box from the play store as it runs on Android. You can install and download the  TeamViewer Quick Support  on the Mi TV and install TeamViewer for Windows from the official website of Teamviewer. 

Now you have to open the Teamviewer on both the devices and note that on the TV it takes some time to generate Id so wait till the Id generates. When on the TV, your ID generated then you have to enter that ID on your Windows and tap on connect. 

When you establish a connection, make sure that your internet connection is properly working.

It will take a few seconds to confirm the connection after that you’ll notice the TV screen on the TeamViewer Window on the computer. Now to start the recording, on the top right corner, tap on the export window icon. 

See in the image below; you will see a toolbar with different options on the top. You have to select the “Files and Extras” option to show the menu options. 


Now, you can start recording, and you can also take the screenshot, or you can share files to the TV via Teamviewer. You have to tap on the “start session recording” button to start recording. Now tap on the button again, and you can save your file into the computer. 

Now the recordings which are saved on your computer you can’t play in a standard video player. 

You have to convert that video into the MP4. For this, you have to double click on the file, and that file will open it into the Teamviewer window. On the top of the previous window, tap on the convert button. 

Now, it will open a dialog box where you have to select the codec, file location, and resolution. Then you have to click on “convert” for the further process. 

Then the process will be done. The processing will take some time depends on the video size. 


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