No limits Magic Kodi build is endless fascinating magic. Among hundreds of Kodi builds available on the platform, No Limits Magic build has well secured. It gives you quite fast at updating broken services, add-on requests, latest movies, etc. For this, you need to know how to install Kodi No Limits Build.


Now, how to install Kodi no limits build. Let us follow the steps:



  1. Download the wizard ZIP file from the browser.


  1. Open Kodi and shift to the “Add-on” tab. A list of options will come then tap on the “Install from the ZIP File” option among all the options.


  1. After that, find the downloaded ZIP file and tap on the “OK” button.


  1. The wizard will be installed right away and you will see a setup menu. Select your preference and select the “Continue” button.


  1. A “No Limits Wizard” will occur again. Here, tap on the “Build Menu” button.


  1. Now you will see the various servers which will be offered various builds of Kodi. Choose your preferred build which you want to choose. If not picked from one server, choose another server.


  1. If you want your add-ons, reports, and data then select the “Standard Install” option and if you want to download as afresh then select the “Fresh Install” option.



  1. Wait for a second, then the wizard will start downloading the build. No limits Kodi Build is approximately 280 MB. So keep patience until your downloading and installing is finished.


  1. When the installation is done you have to close the Kodi to get the core changes.


  1. After closing, restart the Kodi. In your device, No Limits Kodi Build is available to use.



This is the way to install No Limits Kodi Build on your device and you can experience the enormous library of content. This is the best alternative to use rather than regular Kodi. You can run your Android Apps following this Kodi build which is quite exciting.


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