How to make a page on Facebook


A Facebook Page is normally used by a business, organization or public personality. Anyone can make a Facebook page,  but only official representatives can create a Page for an organization, business, brand or public figures. Some pages are verified by Facebook and some are not. Blue badges sign will show you that the page is verified or authenticate.


Now, how you can create a Facebook page. This will help you a lot:-


  1. Open any web browser. Type Then enter your email address/phone number and password to log in.


  1. Then at the right-hand side click on the last icon, after clicking a drop-down menu will appear. Click on create page option.


  1. Click on page type means which type of page you want to create. Example for a company, organization or you wants to create a local page.

Choose options according to your need.

  1. After selecting the page, you have to fill the page details. The details will come according to your page selection.

1) Local Business or Place:– If you have done the selection of this page then you have to enter details like business name, business category, street address, and phone number.


2) Company, Organization or Institution:- If you have select this option then enter the business category and business name.


3) Brand or Product:- If you have done this selection then enter the product name and product category.

These are the types of pages, some other pages are also there like entertainment, community, artist, public figure, etc


  1. After that, there is an option GET STARTED. Click that option. This will create your page.


  1. Once your page is built. Then you can add a profile photo and cover photo of your page so that your page should look attractive.


  1. At the upper side of the page, there is an option of settings. You can change or view the settings of your page.


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