How To Right Click Using Keyboard on Mac

The right-click target in Mac OS X has many key uses, mainly if you want to interact with files and menus. Pressing the right-click button on a mouse usually opens up a menu where you can immediately select a command.

We have searched and use the best methods to right click using the keyboard on Mac. Let us begin:-




  1. First, you have to open the Automator and select the “Contextual Workflow” to create a new service.



  1. A drop-down box will open. In this box, select “no input” in “Workflow Receives” and assure that the next drop down box reads “any application.”


  1. Now at the top, you will see the search box. In a search box search “Run AppleScript”. When your searching is complete then you have to drag and drop “Run AppleScript” in the Automator workflow.


  1. Then you have to paste the AppleScript code into the workflow by replacing the comment that says “your script goes here.” The code is shown below:


tell app “System Events” to set FrontApp to name of the first process whose frontmost is true

tell app “System Events”

tell app process frontApp

set _selection to value of attribute “AXFocusedUIElement”

tell _selection to perform action “AXShowMenu”

end tell

end tell

run apple script


  1. When you are all done, then you have to save the workflow with a suitable name. You can choose any name. I choose “Right clicker”. Now you have to open the “System Preferences”, move to the “Keyboard”, then select “Shortcut” and then tap on the “Services”. Find your service name which you have created.

right click keyboard mac


  1. Now to set a keyboard shortcut to the service tap on the “Add shortcut”. You can set any keyboard shortcut of your choice. For this, I choose “command+shift+”.


  1. When you are done then again go to the “System Preferences”, then tap on the “Security and Privacy”, then select “Privacy” option and then choose the “Accessibility” option.


  1. Here, to add anew app click on the plus icon. Select “Automator” and then you have to add it to the list of apps that are allowed to control your computer.

right click using keyboard on mac

  1. You’ll also add each app where you want to use this keyboard shortcut to the list. I’ve used Finder to ensure that the shortcut works with my keyboard. Now you can use the Keyboard shortcut. Try to open any file using right click in Finder.



If you don’t want to waste time writing the Apple script, you can use an Alfred workflow. There are free versions also available but to use of workflow you have to take the paid version of that app.


  1. Firstly, you have to download the Right Click workflow.


  1. When your download is complete, open that file and Alfred automatically added it.


  1. Then you have to update the workflow. For this, You have to simply open the Alfred and then type the “Update”.


  1. When the update has been installed then go to the “Alfred Preferences” and head to the “Workflows”.

right click using keyboard


  1. Then select the Right Click workflow, and to use for right clicking you have to set your favored hotkey. You’ll now be ready to use the hotkey to right click on any chosen element on your Mac.


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