If you are irritated by people adding you in random WhatsApp groups, this one’s for you. There are sometimes you don’t want in the group like a family group, friends group, or other groups. But you are hesitating to say, or you are waiting to left the group. You have all control who adds in the group or who are not. Hopefully, with the new features of WhatsApp, you can stop people from adding you to WhatsApp groups. With the help of a new feature, unknown users won’t be able to add you in their groups.

The method of stop people from adding you to the WhatsApp group is straightforward. Just look at these steps:-


  1. Install the WhatsApp in your Android or iPhone with the latest version. Getting this feature, you have to install version 2.91.93 or higher. If you have WhatsApp installed with a smaller version than this, update your WhatsApp for the latest version.

  1. With the latest version tap the (:) option on the top right corner and click on settings.

  1. After clicking on settings, a drop-down list will open. Click on Accounts option. From the list of options, click on “Privacy.”


  1. In the Privacy section, click on the Groups on the bottom. After clicking on Groups, you will see the three options. Select the option which you want. If you want, everyone can add you in your groups then select “Everyone.” If you wish to only your contacts list can add you in the group then select the “My Contacts” option and if you want nobody can add you in the group then select the” Nobody” option.


  1. If you have clicked on Nobody option, then no one can add you in their group. If they want to add you in the group, they will get an error message as shown below.


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