How to use Twitter


Twitter is a social networking website that permits users to share thoughts, links, pictures or videos. Nowadays around 300 million users use Twitter. It is a tool that staying up-to-date with news events anywhere in the world as they are happening. The post which you will do known as “tweet” which is less than 140 characters including hyperlinks to any articles. images or video.


1. Go to the Twitter website i.e. in your computer’s web browser.

2. If you have an already Twitter account then log in with email id and password and if you have no Twitter account then sign up on the right-hand side of the page with a blue button.
For Signing Up:-

Enter the relevant information like Full name, email or phone number, and password. If your all information is correct then you can click on the next button.

3. After that choose your experience by connecting with people you know. Once you have done this, then you have to verify your phone number via text. This is for an authentication purpose. Click on next.

4. Choose the desired password you want. Don’t choose an easy password. Then click on next.

5. After that verify your email address if you sign up with email address. If you verified your phone number then skip this step.

6. Add some topics in your interest by clicking the buttons. It’s your choice you want to choose or not. When you clicked on next. Twitter automatically make your account.

7. Now you can customize your account. On the upper side, there is an option of a profile picture. Add your picture which you want.

8. On the right side of your account, there is a profile option. Click on that option. A drop-down menu will appear then click on settings and privacy. There is an option of a user name. You can change the user name with the previous one. After changing of user name click on save. Your user name will be changed.

9. If you want to follow some people and you the user name of that person, then enter the name in the search box. You will get a list of users with that name.

10. If you want to follow some organization, businesses or celebrities. Type that name on the search box and you can follow which you want.

11. Now you can see your timeline. The timeline will show all the tweets which you follow.

12. You can now tweet. You can add text with spaces and photo which you want to upload.

13. You can also retweet your friend’s tweet means if you want to say something to your friend’s tweet.
Then go to the home page, Go to the tweet which you want to say something. There is a speech bubble icon. Type what you want to say or you can add a photo, GIF also. Then click on reply.


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