Yesterday Google started rolling out Android 10 to Pixel devices and a few other brands and came with some fantastic new easter egg that is different from the previous versions of Android.

If in any case, you are out of the loop, inside the phone settings Google has been sneaking in cool easter eggs.


See, how you can access Android 10 Easter Egg puzzle. Let us discuss:

  1. On your phone, open the settings which are running Android 10 and then go to the “About Phone” option.

2. In the About Phone settings option, to gain access to the details of the Android version running on your phone click on the “Android Version.” Android versions are like security patch level, baseband version, kernel version, etc.


3. Then click on the Android version continuously three times. 


4. Now you will see an Android 10 logo as shown in the picture below.

5. Now to access the easter egg, you have to double click on the “1 icon,” and you have to hold to rotate it. 


6. To resemble the Android Q, align the “1 icon.” See the picture below.

7. Now click on the Android text present above the Q logo, and you will be capable of accessing the Easter egg puzzle.

The puzzle game baked in Android 10 is a nonogram and is an excellent way to pass some time and utilize your brain. Be noted that to get the hints on both sides, you will have to rotate your device to landscape mode to solve the puzzle.

This is all about that how you can access the Android 10 easter egg puzzle. Try to use that it’s quite interesting. Do not forget to tell your comments about this easter egg puzzle in the comment box.


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