Apple AirPods are fabulous wireless headphones in the market. You can use this AirPods to any iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac or any Bluetooth compatible device. At the back of the case, AirPods has tiny buttons so that you can connect these with other Non-Apple devices. You can change the default name of AirPods.

Here are the steps to change the name of your AirPods:-


Change Name of Your AirPods on iPhone:


  1. Open the settings of your iPhone and tap on Bluetooth settings and search for your AirPods. On the next to your AirPods click on the “i” icon option.


  1. Then click on the info icon, your AirPods settings page will open. Click on “Name” and type the name which you want to write.


  1. A new window will open. Rewrite the name here and click on save changes option. You are done.


Change Name of Your AirPods on MacBook:-


  1. On your MacBook open the system preferences option and select the Bluetooth option to enter the Bluetooth preferences.


  1. A window will open search for your AirPods name.



  1. Select the options button in front of your device name. Then right-click on the device name, you will see a rename option.



Change AirPods Name on Android:-


  1. Click on Settings on your Android and tap Bluetooth option or you can see Bluetooth icon on the notification pane.


  1. Click on the previously paired devices and search for the current name of AirPods.


  1. Click on the settings icon on the right corner of your device name. After clicking on that option, a new window will open.


  1. On the top right side, there is edit icon option click on that option to change the settings.


  1. In a new window type a new name which you want to write and click on “rename” option. Your name will be changed.


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