WhatsApp has become the most common messaging service in the world, and although it comes with its drawbacks. In the previous years, WhatsApp notifications were a huge problem both in Android and iOS. When the Android Oreo released, Google made Notification channels.


Apple also made grouped notifications with iOS 12. WhatsApp users can customize notifications based on personal contacts with custom time and notification tone and also customize group notifications.


Here, we will discuss how you can customize WhatsApp notification for both Android and iOS:-


Customize WhatsApp Notification On Android:-


  1. On your phone open the Settings and click on Apps and notification. Then search for WhatsApp and click on it.


  1. Now, touch on App notifications to get all the customization options. Here you can disable any notification which you don’t want to receive and enable those which you wish to receive.


  1. You can also manage notifications. For example, you can click on Group notifications and set your choices for group chat notifications.


  1. As per your call, you will get notifications either with sound, no sound, or just no disturbance. If you choose the “urgent” option, then both sound and a pop-up message will signal you.


  1. Similarly, for personal chats, you can customize the notification by clicking on Message notifications. Here, you can customize the importance level and sound.


Customize WhatsApp Notification with In-App Settings:-


  1. For this open WhatsApp icon and select the contact which you want to customize. If you want to block notifications for that contact, then click on Mute notification option and select the time period in how much time you wish to block. Click on OK.


  1. If you want to set a notification for a particular contact. Then click on “Custom notifications” option and enables the “Use custom notifications” option on the top of the screen. You can customize notification tone, vibration mode, and a notification call also.


Customize WhatsApp Notification on iOS:-


  1. Open the settings option in your phone and click on notifications option. A drop-down list will open, Select WhatsApp from them


  1. Then select the alerts option to set the style which you want. If you wish to show the messages on your lock screen, then you can also enable that option.


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