Intelligent speakers like the Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, and Google Home are developing as a means to listen to music. But they do a much more than that, from answering questions to controlling the smart home. Google saves recordings to gain the accuracy of results and enhance your experience anywhere you use your Google account.

According to Amazon, deleting the recordings may degrade your experience. You can also turn off the microphone for a temporary purpose. But if you decided to delete all the recordings from the Google Home. Yes, you can remove all the recordings.

There are several ways to delete the recordings because Google Assistant is available over a variety of platforms from phones to the Home Hub.

Deleting voice recordings from Google Home is very easy. Follow these steps to remove your voice recordings from Google Home:-


  1. Open the Google Home app. On the top left click on the hamburger menu icon. Select the “My Activity” option.

  1. Then a new screen will open, and you will see all the recordings Google has of you. There is a play button for every record. You can listen to the recording. If you want to delete that recording, then click on the three-dot icon and select the ‘Delete’ option.


  1. Google set your recordings by days. You can delete your records by months, days, yesterday, today or a particular date.


You can also delete your whole voice history to Google’s My Activity page on the web browser.


  1. Tap on the ‘Filter by date & product ‘option and then mark the checkbox next to ‘Voice & Audio’ option.


  1. Select the “Search” button.


  1. When the results are stored, on the search bar tap on the three-dot icon and select the ‘Delete Results’ option.


These are the ways you can delete your whole voice history from the Google servers.


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