Removing an application from the Mac is very simple. You have to simply drag the application in the trash. But there are some applications which you can’t simply eliminate from the Mac they require investigation. One such application is the “Parallel Desktop” application, this application helps you run Windows on Mac.


Uninstall the “Parallel Desktop” application from the Mac is a little tricky. You can’t uninstall the application directly from the desktop. For this, first, you require to delete the windows installation file, before you remove the app.

Let us see how you can remove Parallels from the Mac:-


  1. You have to check the Mac storage. For this, tap on the Apple menu and click on the “About this Mac”. A new window will open. From the new window select the “Storage” option. See your storage, in the figure, it’s my storage. Now free up some storage.

Remove Parallels from Mac


  1. Now from your Mac launchpad open the “Parallels Desktop” app.

paralles desktop



  1. When you open the app then it is usually configured to load windows. If your Windows is running, then you have to shut it down first. For this, on the top right of the Mac use the app menu option and search for the “shutdown” option.

From the same top right of the Mac, search to open the control center option. A new window will open and right click on the gear icon and tap on the “Remove” option.

eliminate parallels from mac computers


  1. Then you have to confirm to delete the windows file and tap on the “Move to trash “ option.

trash parallels mac


  1. Then go to the trash, you will see a18.84 GB Windows ISO file here. You have to empty the trash.

trash parallels


  1. Now if you will check your Mac storage again, you will see the free space. After empty the storage you will see my storage space as shown below.


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