Play Pass is Google’s response to Apple Arcade and an exciting move to monetize the Google Play Store. Now, it’s only accessible in the U.S., and that is a bummer for many Android users around the globe. We have found a unique way to get Google Play Pass in India or other countries. The fantastic information is that you can share this subscription with the other five family members also. We will show how you can get Google Play Pass in any country right now:-


As you know that Google Play Pass is available to U.S. country only, so if you want to access the Google Play Pass, you have to change the Google Play Store to the U.S. Keep in mind these three steps given below, and if you are OK with these steps then you can move further. 

  • After changing to the U.S. Play Store, you won’t be capable to change the country back to your old country until a year.
  • You can only modify the Play Store country once a year.
  •  If you are already part of the Google Play Family Library, you can’t change the country. So to get Play Pass, you need to leave your current Google Family setup.


1. On your Android device, open any VPN of your choice and connect it to a U.S. server.

2. Then you have to open App Info for Google Play Store, and then force stops the app.

3. Now, on your phone open the Google Play Store App and click on the hamburger icon. Then open the Account option from the different options.

4. After clicking that option, then you will notice a new option “Switch to the United States Play Store.” Then add your debit card or credit card details.

5. When you are done, go to the “Family” section and click on the “Sign up now” button. Then select the “Continue” and complete the family setup process.


6. Then, exit the Google play store and open the app again. Then, on the homepage, you will see Google Play Pass banner. If you are incapable of finding it, then click on the hamburger menu and in the list you will have a separate Play Pass option.

7. Now you have to open Play Pass and click on “Start Free Trial.” You will see a Google Pay pop-up. Finish the payment, and you can use the new app subscription service from Google.

These are the steps by which you can get Google Play Pass in any country. Go ahead and enjoy this new app service from Google. 


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