When we are talking about privacy, then hiding of apps on iPhone is necessary. Sometimes you need to hide some apps which you don’t want that others see.  Restrictions also called parental controls, which helps us to the privacy of your data.


Sometimes a parent wants to hide some data or apps from their kids. They don’t want the kids to open any credential app then you can hide the apps from your iPhone. iPhone offers such features through which you can protect apps, photos, or other data from your iPhone. In this, we will discuss how you can hide your apps from iPhone.


Here we will guide you how you can hide your apps from iPhone:-


  1. On your iPhone click on the settings options. Then click on “General.”



  1. Now select the “restrictions” option from a drop-down menu.


  1. Then click on Enable Restrictions option and insert your Restrictions passcode and confirm.


When you have enabled Restrictions, you can easily hide the apps by the following steps:-


  1. Open the settings and click on the General option.



  1. Then click on “Restrictions.”



  1. Now enter your restrictions passcode which you have set before.



  1. Now disable the apps or turn off the apps which you want to hide.


Now you can hide the apps of your device like safari, camera, etc.


If you want to hide downloaded apps, then you can do the following steps:


  1. Click on Settings on your phone and select “General.”



  1. Then click on the “Restrictions.”


  1. Now insert your iPhone restrictions passcode.



  1. Then there is an option Allowed content. Scroll down that option and click on “Apps.”



  1. Now you can select the apps which you want to allow and hide those apps which you don’t want.



Now if you checked your iPhone home screen. The hidden apps have deleted from your iPhone screen and again if you want that apps on your iPhone screen then do the same steps and allow those apps which you don’t want to hide.


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