Amazon Fire Stick is a lovely reliable streaming device with support for third-party Android apps, Screen mirroring, 4K streaming, and also Bluetooth earphones like Airpods. But when you connect your AirPods or Bluetooth headphones with the Firestick, there is no method to change the volume. We have tried to solve this trouble. You can easily pair Airpods with Amazon Fire Stick and control its volume.


  1. First, you have to connect your Airpods with Amazon Fire Stick. For this, pick the Fire Stick remote and on the top bar scroll to the “settings” option. After scrolling the settings option, open the “settings” page.

2. Now here you can control all the features like enabling preferences, disabling ADB, and connect to Bluetooth devices. Scroll to the right and tap OK on ‘Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.’

3. Now, on this page, you can pair new remotes, delete old ones, and add game controllers to play games. To pair Bluetooth peripherals like keyboards, mouse, and headphones, scroll down the bottom and tap on the “Other Bluetooth Devices.”

4. Now, tap the pairing button on your Airpods. Then tap on OK on the selection, and it should pair the device.

5. When you are connected, you will get an audio confirmation in the AirPods, and on the bottom right of the screen of Firestick, you will get a notification.


When your Airpods are connected to the Amazon Fire Stick, you have to download an app to control the Airpods audio on Firestick. Download and install the “Precise Volume” app. This app redirects the sound, and you can modify the volume. When you have installed the app, then control the volume slider to your liking, and the volume would adjust in your AirPods.

But, there is one problem also. The volume app which we are using isn’t optimized for Firestick, which makes it tough to move the slider. You can do this with the Fire Stick remote. To fix this problem, you can download the “Mouse toggle” app.


Download and install Mouse Toggle app on your Firestick; After installing the app, you have to enable the two options i.e., Enable the mouse service” and “Auto Start on Start-up.” Then it will ask to turn on the ADB debugging, allow that option and you are all set. Now you can use the app with the remote. 

On any screen, to activate Mouse Toggle, double-click the play button on the remote, and a mouse pointer will look on the screen. You can then use that pointer control the volume now.

This is all about to connect Airpods with Amazon Fire Stick and control the volume of Airpods. If you have any query about this, then free to comments in the comment section. 


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