To “print” a PDF indicates to save something to a PDF file rather a physical piece of paper. Printing to a PDF usually is much faster than using a PDF converter tool, and it’s not only helpful for saving a web page offline but also you can share things in the popular and broadly acceptable PDF file format. 

There are many ways to print to PDF. Sometimes the operating system of your computer doesn’t support PDF printing; there are so many third-party apps you can use for a print to PDF.


Depends on the operating system which you are using, you might be ready to print to PDF without installing anything. A built-in PDF printer in Windows 10 called Microsoft Print to PDF. If you don’t recognize the “print to PDF” printer listed in Windows 10, you can install with the following steps:-

  1. With the Win+X keyboard shortcut, open the “Power User Menu.”


2. Now select the Settings. In the Settings option, click on Devices and then Printers and scanners option. After that, tap on the Add a printer or scanner.

3. Now you will see the link “The printer that I want isn’t listed.” Click on that link.

4. Tap on the “Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings” option. 

5. Now you will see ” Use an existing port” option. Under this option, select “File: Print to File.”

6. Under the Manufacturer section, select “Microsoft.”

7. Now under the “Printers” find the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option.

8. Now n Windows 10, follow through the Add Printer wizard and accept any defaults to add the PDF printer. 

These are the easy steps through which you can easily print to PDF. Try these ways and if you have any queries regarding this then free to message in the comment section. 


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