How You Can Program NFC Tags

NFC Tags

The first question arises in mind that what is NFC? NFC is Near Field Communication which is used to transfer the data between two devices. The data is anything like photos, videos, files, or make a payment all you can do with NFC.

Not all phones have NFC. You can check near the battery of the phone. If in your battery you will see “Near Field Communication” then you can use it otherwise not. For this you have to need NFC tags, NFC enables smartphones and the apps to program for example trigger.

Now we will discuss how you can program NFC tags:


There are so many applications in the play store through which you can program NFC tags. In this article, we will use the “Trigger” app you can use any app of your choice. Trigger apps work in two parts one is “Trigger” and other is “Actions”. Follow the following steps to program the NFC tags:-


  1. From the play store download and install the Trigger App.

trigger task launcher



  1. After installing the app, you have to create a task. At the bottom right move to the “My Task” and click on the “small plus icon”.

trigger app


  1. Then a new window will open click on the “NFC” as a trigger.

NFC Tags Triiger app


  1. To Configure the NFC task then click on “Next”.


  1. After that, a new window will open where you can set the restrictions like date, time, Wi-Fi, etc. If you don’t want to set any restrictions then click on “NFC” and select the “Done” option.



  1. When your phone becomes in contact with NFC tag then you have to choose the action which you want to perform. Then click on the “Next” option.

tags nfc



  1. Now a new window will open and you will see the different options like Wireless & Networks, Bluetooth, Display, Social Media, Application, etc.

app trigger dashboard


  1. Then you have to check the options and disable the Wireless & Networks, GPS, Bluetooth. In open Applications option, you have to select the “Goqii”. In speech text write “Remember to stay hydrated”. When all done click on the “Next” option and write your task name and select on “Next“.

trigger apps


  1. Then, choose the switch task that will get a Triggered in the morning. The process is the same as you have done before. On the top click on the plus icon and replicate the following actions. Let’s name it ‘Morning Mode’.

trigger app


  1. A new window will open. You have to enable the WiFi On/Off,

GPS On/Off and Bluetooth On/Off. Open the application “Fitvate”. In a speak text, you can write “Remember pre-workout meal”.



When you are done with all the changes then click on the “Add tasks” and write the name of task like”Morning mode” and click on done. You can write any name according to your choice.


  1. Take the NFC tag near the back of your phone. All the data will get written on the tags immediately.

nfc tag near back


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