Sometimes it needs to reboot your Apple watch is necessary. There are so many reasons to reset the Apple watch: if any issue will come or you wish to sell your Apple Watch, or you want to refresh your device, etc. You can do it with your iPhone and also with your Apple watch. Apple will also give an option to back up of your Apple watch before resetting.

In this article, we will discuss how you can reset Apple Watch:


This method is the best way to reset your Apple watch. Using this method, you can un-pair your Apple Watch, remove the Activation Lock, and reset the Apple Watch to its factory setting. Here the ways are shown below:-

1. Open your watch app and from the top of the My Watch section tap on your Apple watch option.

2. A new window will open, tap on the “i” button. Then click on the unpair Apple watch option.

3. Then enter the iCloud details. When all the process is done, later the Apple watch automatically removed from the iCloud account and also from the watch app.

4. Now for the resetting of the watch, move to the Apple Watch and do this.

5. For unlock of your Apple watch, move to the settings option.

6. Click on the “General” option.

7. Now click on Reset.

8. You have to select the Erase All Content and Settings option. If it enabled then type your passcode.

9. Click on erase all option.

10. Once the Apple watch restore is done, then to disable the activation lock move to the “” from your computer’s web browser.

11. Then sign in your Apple ID and Password. Select the settings.

12. On “my devices” option, select your Apple watch.

13. Now tap on the x icon to remove the watch.

14. Then click Remove to confirm.


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