Apple has said many things in the stock music app, including the location of shuffle and repeat buttons. Also these buttons you can quickly discover, If you don’t know how you can shuffle songs on iOS 13 Apple Music App, we will help you in this.


To make the interface intuitive, Apple continues making changes to the music-streaming app from time to time. With the information, this is not the first time the tech giant has changed the location of the shuffle button in the stock music app. Be noted that the process of shuffling or repeating music is identical in both iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. Here, I am showing only the iPhone’s screenshots. Let us discuss the steps:-

1. On your device, open the “Music app.”

2. Now, as usual, start playing an album or songs. When your song starts playing, at the bottom of the screen, a “Now Playing” option will appear. Select on that option. 

3. Next, at the bottom right corner, click on the tiny button. Then a new screen will appear, tap on the shuffle button located near the Up Next label. The Repeat button is also located right up there. 

4. Then you can quickly shuffle or repeat songs on iOS 13 Apple music app, and you can enjoy music.

So, by using this way through which you can quickly shuffle or repeat the songs in your iOS 13 on Apple Music App. As i am using this app, in my opinion, Spotify is much better than the Apple Music App. But the tech giant has removed all the difficulties. Don’t forget to share your opinion in comments section after using the app and tell us your favorite characteristics in the Apple Music app.


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