That is a common thing that people explore how to use the volume keys to skip songs on Android devices? Some phone companies have this built into the system, and many of them are not. Generally, Volume keys are used to adjust the volume level while playing the songs. But you can use it to skip your tracks. Sometimes your phone is in your pocket, and you want to change the track.

Here we will discuss how you can skip the songs with volume buttons:-


  1. First, you have to install the Next track app from the play store.


  1. When you have downloaded this app on your phone, for permission to this app, you have to run an ADB command. This command will runs when you enable the USB debugging option. Click on Settings on your phone.


  1. A drop-down list will open, click on About phone option.


  1. To enable the developer option, click on the “Build Number” 5 times.

  1. Once you have done the developer option enabled. Click on the System option.

  1. In system option, click on the Advanced option to see the developer settings.

  1. After that, a list will open, click on the Developer option.

  1. Go to the debugging option and enable the USB debugging option.

  1. Then connect your smartphone to PC via a cable. Start the command prompt on windows and drive to the ADB folder. Once you are in, check if ADB can connect to your mobile device by running the command in the figure.

adb devices


  1. When you have the device connected, we can give the required permission to the app via ADB.

adb shell pm grant com.flar2.volumeskip android.permission.SET_VOLUME_KEY_LONG_PRESS_LISTENER


Now, these keys are working, and you can use it only when the screen is off. Now you have no problem if you want to change or skip the songs. You can turn the songs while driving, walking, or phone in your pocket very quickly.



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