Many peoples need to determine the answer to the question of how you can transfer photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes. All know that iTunes is the most crucial used tool when iPhone users need to transfer data between mobile devices and PC.


For transfer the photos or data from PC to your iPhone you need A windows computer, an iPhone, a wifi hotspot and an active internet connection.




For transfer the data from Pc to your iPhone, we use the famous app called “Documents.” We will discuss here how to use this app to transfer the data:-


  1. First thing you need to install the “Documents” app on your iPhone.

  1. When your download finished. At the bottom, click on the “services” button and click on the option “wifi file transfer.”

  1. Then on your computer open the web browser and type “” and with the Documents app scan the QR code.

  1. Then a connection is established, and the server will start within seconds.

  1. When you established the connection for the first time, you will need an active internet connection. Then all files will transfer under wifi.


  1. In this single app, access all the photos and iCloud. Within this app, you can also create separate folders for organization.

  1. You can transfer the files very quickly. You have to drag and drop the data to the webpage to transport the files to the iPhone. Then the app moves your files very fast.

  1. When the files are transferred, the photos within the Documents app. You can also manually transport the data to the Camera Record. For this, you have to check that where all the transferred images are kept, then on the bottom select all the images and click the “Move” button. Now you can move the data to the camera roll.

  1. Now all the data transferred to the Camera Roll and deleted from the Documents app.


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