How you can use Chrome Extensions on Android

How you can use Chrome Extensions on Android

Google Chrome is the most popular and demanded browser used by many users. In Android, it is inbuilt browser and many peoples are used this browser. Extensions are the most essential information for a web browser. You cannot use Chrome Extensions on the mobile and not they have any methods of enabling them. There is no way to enable extension direct on Android.

With the help of different browsers, you can enable the Google Chrome extensions. The browsers used commonly Kiwi and Yandex browser. The best browser is Kiwi browser. Here we will discuss the Kiwi Browser. How from this browser you can use the Google Chrome extension. But, here is a great way to use Chrome Extensions on Android:-

1. Download Kiwi browser app from the play store. The version of Kiwi browser is 73.0.03683.90 or higher. If there is no such version in play store you can directly download from the Google Search engine.

kiwi browser

2. Once your download is completed, tap on the browser to download the extensions. Move to the extension page, at the top right corner tap on the 3 dots. A drop-down list will open, tap on Extensions.

chrome extensions

3. Then the extensions page opens in a new window. On this page, you will see a hyperlink marked “Kiwi Web Store”. This is the same as the Chrome Web Store from where you can download the desktop extensions.

extensions pagegoogle chrome extension4. You can see the downloaded extensions in the extension’s page. Here you can disable the extensions. To visit the extensions page you can also type chrome://extensions on the browser.

disable the extensions gogle dictionary

5. Some extensions are used with the desktop. You have to go back to the Home Page, tap on the three dots and use the extensions manually by clicking on them.



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