Instagram is originating new features that provide users more control over the data shared with third-party apps. People share Instagram data with third-parties when they link their account with other apps to import and export photos. When Instagram users allow access to third-party apps, they may also be sharing data other than photos, such as data contained in the users’ profiles. 

People will be capable of turning off data-sharing with third parties apps by a move to the Settings > Security > Apps and Websites to use the app. When you are, users will have the choice to remove any third-party services when they no longer need to be connected to their Instagram account. It means that when you remove your Instagram account from the third-party service, then you can’t share your data with others.

The new Feature controls will take a while to roll out; you can access this feature in your devices within the next six months. But one of my friends has already seen this feature on his iPhone. 

When you are connecting with a third-party service for the first time, a new authorization window will be presented that lists all data being requested by the third-party service. People can then choose and select how much data they want to share.

Also, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform is offering an updated authorization window that lists all the data the third party is requesting to access. People will have the choice to either authorize or cancel this access directly from the authorization window.

Instagram will roll out this feature gradually over the next six months, which is a long time! Usually, it just takes several weeks or two to introduce any feature. Let’s see how much time we can access this feature. I am eagerly waiting for this feature, are you excited for this feature. Tell us in the comments section. 


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