How to record the screen of your iPhone

iPhone Screen Recording

Do you want to know about iPhone screen recording? This is a great step towards improving the Apple productivity because up to now people still find difficulty in exploring for the perfect recorder on iPhone/iPad.

Here are the steps of iPhone screen recording

If you don’t have screen recording option in your control panel you can add by these steps:-

  1. Open your settings in an iPhone and click on control center option.

Click on the customize controls option. In this, you will find the screen recording option.

Now select the green icon and screen recording added to the control panel.

How to record the screen of your iPhone

  1. Now swipe control panel and tap the screen recording button to access it.
  1. A 3-second countdown will start in another window. When the recording starts, you will see a red bar on the top of your screen which shows you that it’s recording.

iphone screen record

If you want to stop recording just click on the red bar, you will get a confirmation of the end of the recording, then click on stop. If you do not want to stop recording just click on cancel button.

apple iphone screen recording

  1. When you are done recording you will get a message on your screen that where you want to save the recording. Click the option where you want to save, Your recording will be saved.


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