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The hype of iPhone X, XR +

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The new iPhone X & XR is available, the much-hyped latest release from Apple, bigger, better, faster? , not so sure, but it has a chance.


Traditional iPhone users were happy with what Apple (and Steve Jobs) gave them in the past. I have been an iPhone aficionado for many, many years, but with the sad demise of Steve Jobs, Apple seems to have lost their way a bit.

Following competitors, instead of being a Market Leader and guiding users (putting forward solutions to problems before we even had an idea that they were problems, guiding users by presenting solutions to issues they didn’t know they have e.g.  IPOD).

Anyway, enough of my diatribe regarding the “new” Apple, let’s get to a review of the new iPhone X.


  • Size: the size is now in line with offerings from Apple’s competitors but I think they rushed the whole process.
  • Some of the old iPhone issues remain in that the On/Off switch is on the opposite side of the phone to the volume control, when using it “one handed” you end up canceling any on/off options when you inadvertently press the volume controls or turn the volume up or down when trying to switch the phone off.
  • With the latest release of the ISO I find that I am making far too many “pocket calls”, as far as I am aware my phone is locked and in my pocket, I then hear “Hello, Hello” as my phone has made a call
  • The Price: compared to competitors and other phones in the Apple Range the price of this phone seems exorbitant.
  • Each time a new iPhone comes out the plugs change, you can no longer use a standard audio plug for your headphones, you need a specific Apple set of Headphones / Earphones or you need to purchase an expensive adapter to enable your existing set of Ear / Headphones. Was much better when there were a separate charging and audio port where the Audio port was industry standard.
  • If you are using your phone with Apps like Skype you can either Chat or charge your phone, not both, this rather annoying as I use my phone for Skype for providing audio for online training and find my phone goes flat during the call as I can’t recharge and use headphones at the same time.
  • Is facial or fingerprint recognition really a requirement, with access to the phone dependent on fingerprints, I get concerned, a dead and/or live person always has a finger or fingers, will this give random people

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I think we have moved away from what cellular or mobile phone was really about, it’s primarily a phone with a few apps to make life easier, not a gadget with many apps with a phone as an add-on.


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