How to join Google+

how to join Google+

Google plus also said as G+ or Google plus. It is a social network and operated by Google Inc.

Steps to join Google Plus

1. Go to, If you have a Google account then you can sign in directly to the Google+ but if you have not any Google account then in the top right-hand side, there is join Google+ button. Click on that button.

2. Go to the Create an account option on the bottom of the page.

3. After clicking create an account option you have to fill all the appropriate details like your full name, a username, password, your birth date, gender, other email address, and phone number. You will need to agree to the Google terms of service.

4. When you all set up this, then sign into Google+.

5. When you are first time log into Google+, you have to set up your profile.

6. Click on Create profile option. FIll your personal information and other information and click on update.

7. Click on add photo option and add a profile photo that people can recognize you.

8. After this, you can add friends which you might know. complete if you want, otherwise click on next.

9. Now you can follow the pages of your interest. If you want to follow then follow those pages and click on continue.

10. Once you have filled all the information which needed, your profile will complete and click on finish.

11. Now it’s time to experience Google+.


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