LIFE HACK Fixing a unchargeable Dewalt 20v battery


1 . Test the dead battery in a couple different battery chargers. Try same battery charger with alternative plug ins and try other batteries to make sure it’s not charger causing problems

2 . Grab a normal 12v car battery charger along with 2 metal rods that will fit in-between the grooves in the back of a 20v DeWalt battery.

3 . Proceed to Insert Positive, Red, on left side connected.

4 . Only insert Negative, Black, on Right side disconneted.

5 . Turning on the battery charger, Continue to connect the black (Negative side) With rod quickly but don’t have any body part touching metal or It may shock you! – Quickly let it arc a few times.

6 . Touching the black rod with battery charger, Will generate a shock charge to the battery giving it a jump start.

7 . Only Recommend to touch it a few times. You may always kick start it then test it on the charger then repeat it steps.

8 . After going through this procedure. Turn off battery charger. Remove rods. Test on a working Battery charger.

9 . Working! Watching the video may show more details on questions. Should be capable to hold a charge and get the job done you use your DeWalt battery for. The light on the back of the battery usually doesn’t turn on again.

10 . If this doesn’t work please follow our amazon link to a awesome deal offered from Amazon!

This is a 20 V DeWalt Battery.

– Battery 20v


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