Netflix Old Friends Series

People who love to watch the TV show Friends, there’s good news for you! Netflix is bringing along this show but at a steep price. To keep Friends show in the USA even for 2019 Netflix has paid USD 100 Million. As per a report in the New York Times, this was three times what it used to pay till date. The rights holder for Friends series is with AT&T and so to stream this show for one more year, the high price is to be borne. Netflix sent tweets that there will be Friends show running. But it dis not show any financial details or disclosures as such. There has been too much competition in the field of video streaming. Netflix paying such high amounts for a TV show dated 2004 shows how fierce is the competition. Netflix already has rivals such as Amazon, Hulu, and even the upcoming Disney channel’s own streaming solution. Even AT&T is planning to come up with its own video streaming channel by 2020.

Now, if you are a normal human being who doesn’t want anything in life but just want to watch the Friends show (2004) then Netflix should be awarded for the same as it has the guts to pay off such big amount for the same. Friends are being speculated to be streamed on AT&T’s own streaming channel by 2020 and that is the reason why Netflix is already on the insecure mode. This is what seems to be the reason why Netflix got ready to pay 100 Million USD. Maybe with this being streamed once again, you will also get a turn just like your parents to make different jokes on the show Friends. The biggest jokes that our parents made on this show was how can they afford such big houses when they are not doing anything productive? Well, maybe even we may get a chance to work upon our sense of humor and get access to such jokes.

Now, the question is, are the watchers ready to watch the same episodes once again? Well, are they really worth your winters? If yes, then Netflix has this amazing option for you. What holds the future for Netflix is a question now? With so many rivals around, what do you think Netflix will have to do? This was its strategy for the current year. Where will the figure go to? Well, for streaming this show even next year, there would be a need for more money. Is Netflix ready for the same? After this deal there are many jokes floated on this show and even on Netflix.  But this deal shows how this streaming service is rich enough to pay three times for streaming the same show again.


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